Transition Learning Support


The Transition Program of Woodward Academy provides a unique opportunity for students who have diagnosed learning disabilities to receive an education within a college preparatory environment. The design of the program moves from a modified self-contained classroom in grades three through six to full inclusion in the mainstream in grades 9 through 12. Beginning with the seventh grade, students may be mainstreamed in some courses and have specialized instruction in others. The goal of the program is to provide the remedial attention and personalized support necessary so that students of average and above average intelligence who have clinically diagnosed disabilities will be adequately prepared for college.

Teachers in the program provide a highly-structured environment, using an eclectic approach and firm but patient discipline. The commitment of the faculty and staff to these students is to help them progress as whole persons, to teach them to understand themselves in an academic setting, and to guide them in celebrating their strengths and managing their weaknesses.

A few other points of interest:

  • In grades three through eight instruction is enhanced by use of the computer.
  • In grades three through six:
    • The students are in a modified self-contained classrooms.
    • All the core curriculum subjects are taught by special education teachers while other classes are scheduled in the mainstream.
    • Teachers use a combination teaching styles, placing special emphasis on training in language arts and mathematics.
    • The average class size is nine students.
  • In grades seven and eight:
    • The program stresses the acquisition of academic and intellectual skills necessary for successful college preparatory work.
    • Students move from classroom to classroom in each of the following areas: reading, English, social studies/history, mathematics, science and physical education.
    • The curriculum is identical to that taught in regular classes.
    • The average class size is 12 students.
  • In grades nine through twelve:
    • All students are mainstreamed in the content areas.
    • Learning disabilities specialist is available to assist the students and teachers with strategy-based instruction.
    • There is assistance with college counseling in guiding students to institutions of higher learning in which they can continue to be successful.

For more information, contact Jule Satterfield , director, or call the office at 404.765.4090.