Middle School Co-curricular Activities

Clubs and Teams  

Academic Team
Challenging competition in all subjects!
Meets every Wednesday 3:45 pm
Sponsors: Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Prince, and Mr. Lee Room 308 

Mr. Hickox

Birthday Club
Our club’s goal is to recognize birthdays of all students and teachers throughout the year. We meet once a week to create signs to decorate lockers, write out pizza passes, and make teacher gifts for everyone who has a birthday the following week. Birthday Club meets every Monday during homeroom study hall. 
Sponsor: Mrs. Jackson, Room 322

Book to Movie Club
Join our club to read and talk about novels.  Sometimes books are assigned and sometimes we read our book of choice.  About once a month, our club gathers together to discuss the novel. This club also has meetings throughout the year to watch film versions of novels. If you love to read and watch movies, then the Book Club is for you!
Sponsor: Mrs. Hutchison, Room 108

CCF- Christian Campus Fellowship
Sponsor: Mr. Notestine, Room 302

Explore the debate process and compete against other Middle Schools.
Sponsor: Mrs. McNeil

Eagle Club
This is our MS Service Club which participates in a variety of service activities each year. Some of our great causes include the Jesse Draper Boys and Girls Club Walk-a-Thon, Can-A-Thon at Thanksgiving, Secret Santa for 35 area foster children, and participation in Red Ribbon Week.  We also donate books to community charities and sponsor several children in foreign lands through Save the Children.
Sponsors: Mrs. Hildebrand, Mrs. Wade and Ms. Tutterow, Room 309

Environmental Club---"THE GREEN TEAM"
Join the Green Team and make a difference in improving and implementing Woodward Academy's environmental policies. We plan to work both on campus and with the community at large. Club members take turns collecting recycling materials on Wednesday afternoons.
Sponsor: Mrs. McCreery, Room 321

Foreign Film Club
In this club we will be watching excerpts of films from around the world to debate key themes and events on our foreign film blog. The club meets the first Monday of every month.
Sponsor: Ms. Bandrowski, Room 109

French Club
Visit France through art, music, games, food and fun! Special celebrations and competitions! New members make plates at the next meeting.
Sponsor: Mrs. O'Sullivan, Room 205

German Club
Sponsor: Ben Shivers

HiTech - Technology Club
Join the Computer Club and get involved with high tech at its best!
Sponsor: Mr. Shaver

Magic Club
The club teaches students tricks with cards, ropes, coins, well as how to perform these illusions.
Sponsor: Mr. Widener, Room 314

Math Team
Bright, cool students who want increased brain power! Meets every Monday during Homeroom Study Hall
Sponsor: Mrs. McCreery, Room 321

Middle Five Points
Focuses on embracing diversity as an important part of being a caring community. We are committed to building and maintaining a diverse and supportive Middle School. The Middle Five Points Club intends to provide a social, cultural, and educational environment that will celebrate our multicultural community.
Sponsor: Mrs. Parsons, Room 220

Middle School Community Council

Sponsors: Mrs. Stratton and Mr. Westlund

Odyssey of the Mind
Do you like to solve problems?  This club participates in creative problem solving competitions.
Sponsor: parent sponsored

Robotics Team
Mr. Dietz

Social Studies Club
Play games, watch videos, practice geography skills, and visit the Renaissance Festival. This club organizes our Geography Bee. The Social Studies Club meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (after school), and students are welcomed to join until September 10.
Sponsor: Mrs. Crawford, Room 217

Spanish Club
Sponsor: Mrs. Stratton, Room 203


For athletics information, please go to the team list page


Boy Scout Troop 631
For boys who would like to participate in the premier leadership and outdoors program for youth. The troop meets most Mondays at 6:00 pm, except on Mondays after weekend camping, caving, canoeing, hiking, biking or other trips, which are held once a month usually. More on our Website.
Sponsor: Mr. Dietz, Room 304

Girl Scouts - Woodward Service Unit
Girl Scouting is available to female student in grades K-12 at Woodward. Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience girls can do many cool things to explore the world around them and to discover, connect and take action in the community. There is also opportunities to work on higher level awards like Religious, Silver and Gold Awards like some WA girls have accomplished in recent years.

Most troops are organized by parent volunteers during the girls' elementary years, but troops can still formed or reconnected at the MS years. Meetings are usually meet 1-2 times per month in addition to some weekend activities, but are certainly flexible with school activities. More about the council, to contact Stephanie Stephens, the Woodward organizer.