Middle School Instructional Technology

The Middle School Computer Science Department believes for a student to be successful and competitive, they must learn technological skills that will enable them to research online, keyboard, develop projects, solve problems, and create materials that will enhance and further the educational experience in all academic disciplines. Specific technological and problem solving skills are interwoven into the school's curriculum.

The department also strives to encourage and teach responsible, respectful, and acceptable technological use, especially online. An acceptable use agreement (AUP) is signed by all students and resources are provided to educate students and teachers on the importance of online ethics and copyright issues facing students today. The department, along with the counseling department, prepares and implements an Internet safety program that is a part of Internet Safety Week as well as special sessions for all students throughout the year.

7th Grade
1:1 iPad Program, 2014-2015

 Woodward Academy issued all seventh grade students 16 GB iPad Airs, Logitech keyboards, and RooCase neoprene protective cases at no charge. This pilot program allows the school to examine and evaluate the benefits of a 1:1 program. The students will use these iPads through seventh and eighth grades, and because the Upper School allows students to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), students will be given the option to purchase their iPads at the end of their eighth grade year.

8th Grade
BYOD, 2014-2015 

Eighth graders at Woodward Academy are encouraged to bring their own devices (BYOD). Our goal is to prepare students to learn on a device of their own preference and learn to access and troubleshoot applications, programs, and online resources to increase engagement and learning. Upon entering their tenth grade year, students will be required to bring a device to school, so we hope to prepare our students for that change.