Middle School Math

The goals of the Middle School Mathematics Department are to develop basic skills, techniques, and vocabulary, as well as to develop the students' ability to read mathematics, analyze problem situations, and use the logic of mathematics. The department seeks to stimulate curiosity so that students will enjoy exploring new ideas and become independent learners of mathematics. Students should then be both motivated and prepared to continue this learning at each subsequent level, including the collegiate one. 

The department seeks to give the student a comprehension of how mathematics contributes to:

  • understanding natural phenomena
  • investigation, interpretation, and decision making in everyday life
  • preparation for vocations which utilize mathematics
  • preparation for communicating mathematical ideas correctly and clearly to others
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Math Resources

A+ Math - math games

Cool - wide variety of topics like tessellations, how to study for math, and games. - math information and games

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - math problems and comics, also links to new sites and software.