Middle School Science

The Middle School Science Department has two primary goals. First, students should know how science works. Science should not be thought of as just a body of facts and figures, but rather be considered a methodology for solving problems that has an ever expanding set of processes and skills. To accomplish this goal, students engage in hands-on activities that promote the development of inquiry and discovery learning processes.

The second goal is to help the student become more scientifically literate. The style of writing, as well as the specialized vocabulary of science, often impacts a person's understanding of what concept is being discussed. Through the use of current science literature such as newspapers and science-oriented magazines, the student is exposed to both the writing style and expression used by scientists and technical writers. 


Text Books

Seventh Grade:
Science Explorer - Life Science - ISBN-10 0-13-364587-8

Eighth Grade:
Science Explorer - Physical Science - ISBN 0-13-364588-6

Textbooks are used in CP, EP, and HP courses.