Upper School Computer Science

The Computer Science Department strives to create a learning environment in which students of varying technical aptitude are provided an opportunity to explore their potential.

Class offerings include an introductory computer science course which covers the basics of Microsoft Office and hardware in an academic setting. For example, students learn the intricacies of footnotes and page numbering in accordance with the English department guidelines.

Other computer courses focus on Web site design and construction. Students are introduced to the basics of HTML and Adobe Web software in the introductory class. In the second class, students learn more advanced visual design and Web authoring techniques.

The robotics curriculum has recently expanded to include an advanced course. Students who have previously completed the introductory course are invited to participate in the subsequent course which provides an academic setting for competitive robotic events.  

The programming curriculum culminates in AP Computer Science. This course is intended for advanced computer science students who are interested in learning Java programming. This is the only two-semester class offered by the department.

The capstone course of the department is the Robotics @ Georgia Tech course. This unique course allows a select group of students the opportunity to take the equivalent of CS 1301 at Georgia Tech while a senior student at Woodward Academy. The college professor visits the students once a week, with other lectures attended via Web conferencing. This course is only offered in the fall semester.



Mr. Timothy Hipp
  • Teaches all Upper School computer classes
  • Computer Club Sponsor
  • Five Points Club Co-Sponsor
  • Computer Science Department Web Content Editor
  • B.A., B.B.A. University of Notre Dame, M.A., Ed.M. Teachers College Columbia University
  • 404.765.1434
  • At Woodward since 2005

Computer Science