Upper School English

Our Philosophy:
Where Every Class is a Composition Class

The Upper School English Department teaches students to enjoy and understand the literature of our culture and other cultures, while refining their composition skills. Woodward's philosophy places importance in preparing students to use technological aids in writing and research - aids that are crucial in the collegiate and business worlds. 

All four required English courses stress composition, beginning with the paragraph and multi-paragraph compositions in the ninth grade, and continuing to the documented papers of the eleventh and twelfth grades. Every student completes at least nine writing assignments per semester. Writing assignments include essay tests, creative pieces, journals and formal multi-paragraph essays and research on literary and general topics. A key to success in our writing program is our desire to teach, not merely assign, writing. Through techniques including prewriting strategies (brainstorming, outlining, using Inspiration graphic designer, mapping), models, peer editing, private conferences and revision opportunities, students utilize all elements of the writing process to finalize works they take pride in producing.