Upper School Honor Code

“Recognizing that Woodward Academy was founded upon the ideals of personal honor and integrity, upon my honor, I promise not to lie, steal, cheat, plagiarize or assist others in those actions.”


The purpose of this or any other Honor Code is to promote high ideals and is based on the belief that human beings have great worth and dignity. Each person must be concerned about his personal worth and that of his fellow man. Conduct does create character; acts tend to grow into habits. People judge us by observing how we act and what we say. The Honor System is concerned only with lying, cheating and plagiarism. This system is not intended to replace the regular system of discipline at Woodward Academy. Honor is set apart from routine disciplinary matters and is deemed worthy of special emphasis. It must be stressed that the honor system at Woodward Academy aims to be educative and not punitive. Each Woodward student is asked to understand the Honor Code as it is practiced at this school, strive to maintain it, and give the Code wholehearted support. When the code is abused or violated, the school must take notice of the offense and correct it.


All cases of lying, cheating, or plagiarism should be turned in to the Council. Students are honor bound to report violations of the Honor Code to an Honor Council member, or to one of the Honor Council advisors. Teachers should support the code by also adhering to this rule. If, however, a teacher feels that he or she lacks sufficient evidence, he or she could confront the student and warn him that further suspicious activity would constitute a referral to the Honor Council. All physical evidence pertaining to the case and a personal testimony is expected. Each case is confidential, but the teacher involved is notified of the outcome. The parents of a convicted student are notified by letter of the details, decision, and punishment in the case. All decisions are based strictly on the evidence presented; they are no way a reflection of the integrity of the accuser.