Upper School Math

The Mathematics Department strives to prepare its students with a rigorous curriculum. Three different tracking levels are offered, from Algebra 1 to Multivariable Calculus.

With the technology advancements like graphing calculators, computer software targeted toward mathematics applications, etc. and general curriculum movements including the adoption of AP Statistics by the College Board, the Upper School mathematics curriculum has been in a nearly constant state of inspection, review and adjustment over the last decade. We will continue to adjust our curriculum as needed, always with the goal of improving the preparation of and instruction for our student body.

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SAT Resources

  • McGraw-Hill’s SAT - book
    SAT prep book  used as a text in many SAT prep  courses.
     Well organized SAT prep web site.  Requires online registration
    SAT prep materials with some cost, also has free material. Requires online registration.
    Free VIDEOs of SAT experts discussing resources and specific test-taking strategies.