Sustainability at Woodward

"Sustainability is the thoughtful process of optimizing the use of human, natural and financial resources available to Woodward Academy to honor our history, fulfill our present needs, provide for the future and execute our mission of education."

- Woodward Academy's Blue Ribbon Task Force for Sustainability

In 2009, President Stuart Gulley convened a Blue Ribbon Task Force (Full report, sustainability starts on page 9) to define sustainability at Woodward Academy and to make recommendations for how the school can become a national model for sustainability in college-preparatory education. The Task Force recommended the creation of the Sustainability Council, including representatives from each school division and key departments. This Council, chaired by Marcia Prewitt Spiller, Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs, works to realize the vision of Woodward Academy as a national model in sustainability, as outlined in the five-year  Strategic Plan, in operations, curriculum and beyond.

The Academy Wide, CurriculumDiningOperations, and Technology pages, found in the right hand navigation, provide brief articles on some of the school's initiatives and achievements in sustainability. There is also a fact sheet about some of the important initiatives for employees.


Learn about recycling at Woodward!

--Rolling out new recycling and landfill labels - highlights on the Weather Channel, April 2014.


Council Members:

  • Marcia Prewitt Spiller - Vice President & Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Kelly Sanderson - Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • Carol Cottrell - Dining Service, Director
  • Patty McIver '87 - IT, Web Manager,
  • Tom Owenby - Facilities, Assistant Director
  • Mark Seal - Facilities, Assistant Director
  • Shelley Paul - Learning Design, Director
  • Marla Goncalves - Marketing & Communications
  • Jennifer Norman - Student Transport, Associate Director
  • Vicki Musto - Primary School Teacher
  • Danise Fields '83 - Lower School Teacher
  • Jenny DuBose - Woodward North Teacher
  • Angela McCreery - Middle School Teacher
  • Monica Kuhlman - Upper School Teacher
  • Joanne Chu - Consultant, Marion Ecological

Sustainability News

  • Woodward Wins GreeningATL Excellence Award

    Woodward Academy recently won an award at the GreeningATL Excellence Awards event sponsored by Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, an annual event that recognizes excellence in sustainable business practices. Woodward's award was in the materials and resources category which recognizes companies for reducing their impact in purchasing by examining ways to reduce the use of natural resources by buying recycled materials or finding ways to purchase less.

    GreeningATL reflects Hartsfield-Jackson's commitment to achieveing the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits while working toward becoming one of the world's "greenest" airports. Qualified nominees must have a local impact within that Hartsfield-Jackson Airport area.

    Posted May 1, 2015
  • Woodward Embraces Earth Day

    Primary School students learn about rainforests.

    Woodward Academy embraced Earth Day 2015 in a big way, extending the day of focus on sustainability and the environment into a week of activities in our schools. Following are highlights of Earth Week at Woodward:

    In the Upper School, 75 students signed a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. Throughout the week, students held a “Batteries for Brownies” drive in which batteries or ink cartridges for recycling could be exchanged for a brownie. On Thursday, Upper School students enjoyed a visit from guest speaker Clint McNeal, Director of Land Conversation at the Georgia Conservancy.

    Middle School students planted fig trees in honor of Earth Day and raised awareness with a presentation about how people can reduce their impact on the earth. In addition, Middle School students also signed the 2015 Earth Day Flag, an initiative that began in Canada to collect signatures from schools and organizations all over the world. The flag will be delivered to the Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year. Students also collected and sorted recycled bottle tops for an art project.

    At Woodward North, the entire school held an e-cycle drive to collect and recycle electronics on April 18. Also at Woodward North, students at every grade level had environmentally themed projects and assignments, including Earth Day poetry in first grade, a nature walk for second graders, and research by fourth graders into environmental problems.

    In the Lower School, fifth graders started a garden using no processed soil or genetically modified seeds. Sixth graders were at work on their Ecology Inquiry Projects. Art students learned how paper waste at the Lower School is processed and recycled into other products like pizza boxes at recycling centers. On a smaller scale, they used paper waste, a blender, and a paper screen to make handmade paper, transforming waste into art.

    At the Primary School, third graders in Transition classes made presentations to other third graders and second grade classes with the theme “Grow it Green—Keep it Clean: Water, Land, and Air.” Every student in te Primary School will receive an Earth Day pencil made of recycled newspaper.

    In all our school dining halls, Earth Day featured an “Unplugged in the Kitchen” cold menu to conserve energy. Dining Services also eliminated Styrofoam takeout containers for the day. A representative from Georgia Commute Options came to campus on April 23 to inform employees about options for ride-sharing, walking and taking MARTA.

    In addition, Main Campus is holding an e-cycle drive to recycle discarded electronics on Saturday, April 25, from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Cambridge Avenue between Richardson Hall and the IT Department offices. The drive is open to the surrounding community and acceptable items include computers, monitors, printers/scanners, digital devices, mobile phones, cables and computer batteries, CDs/DVDs, and most other items associated with technology. More information is available here.

    Posted April 23, 2015
  • Students Plant Trees in College Park

    Austin Thomas, Ben Vellanikaran, John Duke, Lucy Xu,  Marianne Lecesne and Rebekah Lecesne

    Woodward Academy students recently participated in a tree planting project in College Park. Alongside local resident John Duke and Upper School math teacher Marianne Lecesne, Austin Thomas '15, Ben Vellanikaran '18, Lucy Xu (eighth grade foreign exchange student from China), and Rebekah Lecesne '20 planted trees from Mercer Avenue to Vesta Avenue on the Academy’s side of the railroad tracks.

    The Atlanta Airport Authority-funded project has provided the city with 126 new trees, including Crepe Myrtle, Red Maple, River Birch, Trident Maple, Chinese Elm, and one Tulip Popular, which can be viewed in the groves on both sides of the tracks near the MARTA station and in areas of the new Phoenix Trail.

    Posted January 27, 2015

Questions & Suggestions

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