Sustainability at Woodward

"Sustainability is the thoughtful process of optimizing the use of human, natural and financial resources available to Woodward Academy to honor our history, fulfill our present needs, provide for the future and execute our mission of education."

- Woodward Academy's Blue Ribbon Task Force for Sustainability

In 2009, President Stuart Gulley convened a Blue Ribbon Task Force (Full report, sustainability starts on page 9) to define sustainability at Woodward Academy and to make recommendations for how the school can become a national model for sustainability in college-preparatory education. The Task Force recommended the creation of the Sustainability Council, including representatives from each school division and key departments. This Council, chaired by Marcia Prewitt Spiller, Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs, works to realize the vision of Woodward Academy as a national model in sustainability, as outlined in the five-year  Strategic Plan, in operations, curriculum and beyond.

The Academy Wide, CurriculumDiningOperations, and Technology pages, found in the right hand navigation, provide brief articles on some of the school's initiatives and achievements in sustainability.


Learn about recycling at Woodward!

--Rolling out new recycling and landfill labels - highlights on the Weather Channel, April 2014.


Council Members:

  • Marcia Prewitt Spiller - Vice President & Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Kelly Sanderson - Vice President for Finance & Administration
  • Carol Cottrell - Dining Service, Director
  • Patty McIver '87 - IT, Web Manager,
  • Tom Owenby - Facilities, Assistant Director
  • Mark Seal - Facilities, Assistant Director
  • Shelley Paul - Learning Design, Director
  • Marla Goncalves - Marketing & Communications
  • Jennifer Norman - Student Transport, Associate Director
  • Vicki Musto - Primary School Teacher
  • Danise Fields '83 - Lower School Teacher
  • Kathy Smith - Woodward North Teacher
  • Angela McCreery - Middle School Teacher
  • Monica Kuhlman - Upper School Teacher
  • Joanne Chu - Consultant, Marion Ecological

Additional Support:

  • Allyson Campbell '00 - Primary School Teacher
  • Nanci Lee - Lower School Teacher
  • Karen Clegg - Woodward North Teacher
  • Ken Kirschner - Upper School Teacher
  • Lacy George - Upper School Teacher, Clean Air Campaign
  • Jacob Edmison - Lower School Teacher, Clean Air Campaign

Sustainability News

  • Woodward Embraces Earth Day Academy-wide

    Earth Day is April 22, and students around the Academy are engaging in activities to learn about, celebrate, and help sustain Mother Earth.

    At the Primary School, pre-K and kindergarten students were seeing an Earth Day-themed puppet show, presented by the third graders along with representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency; first graders were reading on the theme; and second and third graders visited the Earth Day Expo in Mrs. Vicki Musto’s lab.

    At the Lower School, Joseph Jamgochian, principal architect for the Upper School humanities building, is speaking to 6th graders about sustainable design and LEED construction. Leading up to Earth Day, sixth graders were involved in an art project to design a sustainable treehouse using biomimicry and a closed loop system. At Woodward North, teacher Kathy Smith planned a “book buddies” Earth Day activity for her class; art students in kindergarten through second grade were making a project using construction paper scraps; first grade is going paperless in the classroom and for homework; and second grade is taking a nature walk to explore the new bridge and trails.

    The Middle School’s Green Team spent Monday, April 21, planting fruit trees and herbs around the school’s courtyard, under the edible garden concept which advocates growing fruit trees and herbs for decorative purposes and to help save energy and transportation costs as a local source of food. The Green Team also has been busy preparing for the mixed recycling program.

    On Earth Day, Charles Orgbon III, the 17-year-old CEO of Greening Forward, visits campus to speak to Middle School and Upper School students. Greening Forward is a charitable organization that seeks to empower a global green movement to protect the environment, driven by young people. Charles Orgbon started the movement when he was 12 years old, in response to seeing litter all around his school campus.

    The Upper School’s Environmental Awareness Club also planned an earth/sustainability-focused coffee house on Tuesday; a “Brownies for Batteries” exchange in the Student Lounge on Wednesday (students can trade in used batteries or ink cartridges for treats); and on Thursday planned to discuss “How Movies Move Us,” a focus on how films make people think differently about sustainability/stewardship.

    Academy-wide, the mixed recycling program began rolling out during the week before Earth Day, and new labels more clearly marking receptacles were placed around campus. The project was coordinated by members of the Sustainability Council Operations Action Team with the support of other groups. It involved an extensive inventory of recycling and trash cans in all the Academy’s buildings and the use of standardized messages with RecycleAcrossAmerica labels. Larger size single-stream and cardboard dumpsters were brought in to accommodate the increase in recycling. For more information on recycling at Woodward, visit www.woodward.edu/go/recycling.

    In addition, there will also be a spring e-cycle drive for electronics on Saturday, April 26, on Main Campus. For more information, visit www.woodward.edu/go/ecycle/ or contact Patty McIver at ecycle@woodward.edu.

    In the dining halls, table tents promoting Earth Week asked students to recycle paper and plastic from their lunch trays. Locally grown produce, including strawberries, kale, yellow squash, and zucchini, was on the menu for Monday and Tuesday.

    Posted April 21, 2014
  • Academy Preparing to Relaunch Mixed Recycling

    Woodward Academy held training on January 6 for all Facilities and Housekeepings staff as a critical component of a program to relaunch mixed (or single-stream) recycling at the Academy. The program will involve an effort to educate the entire community about what items qualify for single-stream recycling, with the goal of substantially increasing recycling volumes while decreasing landfill volumes. Recyclables are picked up free of charge by the College Park Sanitation Department.

    In addition, the Academy is conducting an audit of existing trash and recycling receptables, and a recycling label is being designed to clarify which items go into recycling bins. Stay tuned for more information as the recycling program rolls out later this semester. Visit our Recycling Programs page for more information about current recycling at the Academy.

    Posted January 24, 2014
  • Students Take on Green Cup Energy Challenge

    Woodward Academy is participating in the Green Cup Energy Challenge, January 15-February 12. Before the challenge, each school established a “baseline” so that past electricity usage can be compared against kilowatt hours used during the challenge.

    Upper School Senior Matthew Kennedy, a member of the Environmental Awareness Club (EAC), is spearheading data collection for the effort, which means he will report a weekly electrical meter reading. The challenge encourages conservation to reduce energy use in schools. Mark Seal, Assistant Director of Facilities, will offer guidance to the students during the challenge.

    For more information, visit the Green Cup Challenge website. To learn more about similar efforts at the Academy, visit our Sustainability at Woodward page.

    Posted January 17, 2014

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