The Arts at the Primary School

Performing Arts


First through third grade students are offered the opportunity to study dance with a degreed professional during two of the five PE periods offered weekly. First and second grade study ballet and modern dance. In the third grade the emphasis is on modern/jazz and contemporary dance. A special dance recital is scheduled for the spring.

Creative Movement is part of the Kindergarten PE curriculum. It is supervised by a degreed PE professional two days a week.


General music instruction is offered twice a week for 40 minutes each to all Primary School students. The emphasis is on singing, listening, and movement, as well as providing the opportunity to play classroom rhythm and mallet instruments. The students learn about instruments of the orchestra and band to help prepare them for the possibility of instrumental instruction at the Lower School. Public concerts are held in December and May where all students participate and have special responsibilities.


Weekly private piano lessons are offered at the Primary School for an additional cost. Student lessons are before and after school as well as during the lunch hour.

Visual Arts

The study of art at Woodward Academy Primary School develops a well-rounded student capable of understanding and interpreting visual elements in our environment. Letting children experiment, express, and make mistakes in a creative atmosphere is invaluable. These experiences will inspire the child as an individual in the future to creatively pursue challenges, address problems, and value differences within themselves and among others.

Students produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art, both representational and nonrepresentational, through creative thinking and problem solving. Our students build self-esteem, positive attitudes, and self-confidence through their artistic expression. Every student uses a variety of art-related material, media, and techniques to create original works of art. Students are given the opportunity to discuss their art and the artwork of others including their peers, famous artists and art from other cultures.

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Performing & Visual Arts

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