Student Programs

Sophomore Advisory Program (SOAR)

Tenth grade homeroom teacher may volunteer to serve as an advisor and mentor to their homeroom students. Throughout the tenth grade year small and large group activities are planned for selected Fridays that are designed to help the students to learn more about their classmates and to experience informal interaction with their peers and homeroom teachers. Students are assigned to homerooms at random and all participate in the various activities throughout the year.

Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership is a program that strives to give ninth graders a sense of connection and belonging by placing them in a supportive group of mentors and friends. As mentors, the older Peer Leaders are available to help ninth graders with social and/or academic adjustments to the Upper School.

Currently, we have more than 65 Peer Leaders working with the ninth grade class.  Three Peer Leaders (at least one male and one female) will work with a group of 12 to 14 ninth graders throughout the year. Peer group meetings are on Friday during Activity Period with meetings spread over the course of the year. Each fall, the ninth graders and Peer Leaders participate in Activity Day in which Peer Groups spend the entire day in intensive group and trust building activities.

Goals for the Peer Leadership program include:

  • fostering a sense of belonging in ninth graders
  • increasing ninth graders’ comfort level as they enter the Upper School
  • helping ninth graders develop trust in their peers
  • offering a opportunity to receive general information
  • providing a forum for discussing a wide range of adolescent issues
  • promoting courtesy and acceptance toward others in the school community
  • learning to enjoy each others’ successes

Application Process 

The process of selecting Peer Leaders begins in March.  Current sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply. There are three components to the application process: the written application, teacher recommendations and try-outs. 

  • beginning in mid March, applications will be available from Mrs. Graham (room B117), Coach Myers(West Hall), Mr. Carrington, or on Edline
  • all applications must be returned at a location, time and date to be announced
  • all Upper School teachers will receive a complete list of the applications with a request for recommendations and/or comments
  • for the try-out date, please look to the main Woodward calendar
  • at this time, applicants will have an opportunity to actually lead a small group discussion and demonstrate leadership skills in other small group activities
  • more details are on Edline

Faculty coordinators for Peer Leadership 

  • Mark Carrington
  • Scott Crook
  • Meghan Fox 
  • Jane Graham
  • Tim Hamling
  • Jonathan Merrill
  • Chris Myers