The Arts at Woodward North

Performing Arts


The Woodward North Dance Program offers creative movement classes for pre-kindergarten, pre-ballet classes for kindergarten, and ballet and modern jazz for first through sixth grades. We also offer KinderKinectics which is a class designed for pre-kindergarten boys where movement and music are incorporated in games and the use of props to encourage coordination and to introduce movement in a fun and exciting way. Dance classes for first grade through sixth grade take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays during P.E. Kindergarten dance classes meet after school twice a week.

Woodward North dancers present "An Evening of Dance", our annual spring concert and our older students participate in other performances during the year. These may include Music Programs, Holiday Assembly, Open House and Grandparent's Day.


At the Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten level music classes are designed to nurture the child’s cognitive, emotional, social, verbal and physical development. This is accomplished through singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments, listening and even learning how to read musical notation. In kindergarten the children learn to play color coded handbells and Orff instruments.

These students participate in three performances a year, one before their Thanksgiving Feast and then a winter and a spring program. These programs include singing, dancing and playing instruments as well as plenty of memorization.

Music classes for first and second grades continue with the developmental understanding of rhythm and pitch that began in the years before. Exploration through a variety of mediums such as singing, playing instruments, and movement are a few of the activities that are incorporated into each class.

Other skills learned are echoing, response for tonal memory, preparation for rhythmic concepts as well as two part singing by singing in rounds in first grade and continued in second grade through partner songs.  Seasonal songs and songs regarding core curriculum concepts are taught throughout the year to reinforce curriculum in these grades.  Also, during the year a wide variety of music literature, including traditional children’s songs, folk songs and classical music from numerous cultures, styles and time periods are used to teach many different musical concepts.

Playing instruments and movement are also two activities during this level which are used to teach note reading and basic rhythm and pitch.  The students at this primary level play primary handbells, recorders and orff and rhythm instruments to reinforce the musical concepts currently being taught.

From the third through sixth grade, the general music curriculum at Woodward North is designed to develop and enhance each student’s understanding and appreciation of music. Throughout the year each student will participate in a variety of activities: singing, playing instruments, listening and moving.  Through such activities basic music theory and reading skills will be developed and improved as well as an increased awareness of many different styles of music.  Specifically, the curriculum will consist of the following components:

  • Developing the ability to keep a consistent, steady beat
  • Reading and performing basic rhythm and pitches
  • Strengthening the ability to match pitch consistently
  • Developing the voice through singing in large and small groups
  • Listening to and analyzing music
  • Strengthening inner hearing and tonal memory through the use of solfege and Kodaly hand signs
  • Playing instruments including guitars, recorders, Orff instruments and various percussion instruments

Show Choir

Woodward North also has an co-curricular Show Choir that meets after school once a week.  This group focuses on choral music and utilizes riser choreography.  It is accompanied by our Show Choir Orchestra, our Orff & Rhythm Ensemble and our Handbell Choir.  This special group performs at in-school functions as well as at various community venues.  A performance-related trip is planned each spring.  Past performances have included Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Williamsburg, Virginia.


Handbells are offered to fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who sing in the Show Choir.  An audition is held at the beginning of the school year.  Handbells meet 4:15 to 5:30 PM every Wednesday.  They perform for the Holiday Assembly and Grandparents Day as well as accompany the Show Choir; they also travel with the Show Choir each spring to either Disney, Universal or Williamsburg.


There are two bands, fifth grade band is the beginner band and sixth grade band is a second year program.  The band performs a spring concert.  The sixth grade band also plays for the show choir as needed.  Band students meet twice a week during the regularly scheduled music class.  Additionally, there are extra practice sessions during the lunch hour.


Orchestra meets once a week during the lunch hour.  The students are divided into one of three groups according to ability; beginning, intermediate and advanced.  The students eat lunch 11:30 - 11:50 AM and then rehearse 11:50 AM - 12:30 PM.  Concerts are given in the winter and the spring.  The Advanced Orchestra also plays for Open House, Grandparents Day and any special occasions calling for music.

Show Choir Orchestra

A show choir orchestra is taken from the advanced orchestra. It is comprised of fourth, fifth and sixth grade students according to ability. They rehearse as needed for Show Choir programs. This orchestra performs for the Holiday Assembly, Open House, Grandparents Day, and they travel each spring to perform outside of Georgia with the Show Choir.

Visual Arts

Beginning in pre-kingergarten and continuing through the second grade, art is an important aspect of the Woodward curriculum. Young students are exposed to the elements of art and the principles of design. These elements and principles are the stepping stones to producing expressive and successful works of art. Children study elements of art such as color, shape, line, texture and value. Principles of design discussed in the classroom include emphasis, balance, unity and variety. For the older students, this basic art knowledge is a strong reinforcement of concepts already learned. For the younger students, it build a foundation in art, which enhances their lives for years to come.

Whether they are creating art themselves, or learning to appreciate the work of others, all students are taught in an engaging manner that makes the world of art an exciting one. Students work with a variety of materials to create traditional as well as non-traditional artworks. These materials are used in projects such as drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, textiles, and even the art of using computer graphics and design. Students study diverse artist and art movements to gain understanding about the impact that art has on our own culture as well as other cultures. These lessons expose students to both Western and non-Western artists and history. Children are given different perspectives from the world of  art that teach them to respect and appreciated the art around them.

Art classes for the third through sixth grades encompass three basic concepts.To begin with, each project has either an artist or a culture at its center. Occasionally the lesson will be based on an obscure topic, such as fractal patterns. Secondly, students learn to use various materials and techniques as they demonstrate the style of the artist etc. The third concept deals with motivation and integrity. Hopefully, they learn the joy found in doing their best work because they want to and not for some external reward.

Art Club

Art Club is offered during lunch for third through sixth grades.

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