Create your path at Woodward Academy.

At Woodward Academy, one size doesn't fit even two. Woodward is a place where your child can study Gauguin and golf, Copernicus and coding, rhetoric and robotics--all in one day. It's about creating your own path within a truly diverse community and under the guidance of caring faculty, coaches, counselors, mentors, and advisors. It’s about the resources and opportunities of a college, but the intimacy and attention of home.

Every child's education is a unique expedition, a decades-long journey of growth and enlightenment that twists and turns through paths both charted and uncharted. At Woodward, we provide the compass.

Wise Guidance

We inspire, challenge, and guide every child to recognize and develop their remarkable talents.

Our approach to education involves wise guidance at every step. Siblings with very different personalities and inclinations can find their places while sharing the same school community. Surrounded at every step by deeply devoted teachers, our students are guided toward a world of infinite possibility.

student painting with teacher

Primary School:

Because learning starts with joy, we nurture the natural spark of curiosity.

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Lower School:

We find engaging ways to guide students’ inquisitiveness and imagination as they discover their identities.

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Middle School:

As students develop maturity, we offer a safe space to reflect, grow, and learn.

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Upper School:

Students come to realize their full potential and are guided toward a world of infinite possibility.

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Global Connections

student on zipline
Student Trip to Chamonix, France

The breathtaking view from the top of the French Alps; the laughter of the children at our sister school in Zambia; sharing popcorn, movies, hopes, and dreams with a friend from China—these are the kinds of experiences that stay with our students forever.

The International and Global Connections program gives students a deep understanding of the differences that make cultures unique and the similarities that connect us all. Our program sends our students abroad to travel and study, welcomes international students to our campus, and nurtures sister school relationships around the world.

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Commitment to Service

student holding hands with child in Zambia

At Woodward Academy, service to others is part of our DNA.

From the first day of pre-kindergarten, our students learn that serving others opens their own hearts and minds. They develop character while building confidence and leadership skills. We conduct annual service projects and fundraisers for our sister school in Zambia and our neighborhood Boys & Girls Club, among many others. Next door and around the world, our students dedicate themselves to helping others.

Service Project for United Way

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Embracing Differences

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girl students smiling

Our students live and learn daily in a microcosm of the world, developing deep and abiding friendships with peers from a wide variety of perspectives and experiences.

Woodward Academy students come together from more than 20 metro Atlanta counties, from many religious, racial, and ethnic groups, and from varied socioeconomic backgrounds and learning styles, forming a community that feels very much like a family.

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Success Beyond Woodward

students at graduation ceremony

World peace? A cure for cancer? An end to global poverty? Woodward graduates are people who accomplish great things, and we know that anything is within their reach.

Our seniors achieve 100 percent acceptance to top four-year colleges and universities, and graduating classes earn millions in scholarships annually. Our impact on students extends far beyond college. Alumni are succeeding in every field; they are leaders capable of changing the world. World peace. A cure for cancer. An end to global poverty. With our alumni working in the world, anything is possible.

students seated at graduation ceremony
Howard Hsu and Anita Hsu

"Woodward has a standard of excellence, a focus on building personal character, and an emphasis on accomplishing your goals that we really benefited from. It was also a great place to form friendships and be exposed to other great families that helped shape us. Woodward was, is, a huge part of our lives."– Howard Hsu '95 and Anita Hsu, '98

Roshani Chokshi '09

"I loved the newspaper and the literary magazine, and the publications office felt like the heart of the school in many ways." - Roshani Chokshi '09
Published Author

Juwan Thompson '10

"It was one of the best feelings in the world to make it to the Super Bowl. I wouldn't mind doing it again someday, but I know it's an opportunity that only comes around so many times in your career, if you are lucky," he said. "Some guys have been playing for 10 or 15 years and haven't had the chance to get to the Super Bowl." - Juwan Thompson '10
Running Back
Denver Broncos

Scott Budnick '95

"I sat there and was mesmerized, watching the director on the crane swooping down with the cameras. That was my first time being bitten by the [film] bug. That was an experience I got because of Woodward."- Scott Budnick '95
Film Producer
Founder, Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Erin Cochran '00

"What Woodward taught me is that it is important to put your best foot forward, not someone else's best foot. You can be tremendously successful by recognizing your unique strengths and not trying to imitate somebody else."- Erin Cochran '00
Vice President, Communications
World Food Program USA

William Burton Jones

“I can easily attribute all of my successes in life to my well-rounded foundation at Woodward, a place that molds a young person’s interest in a variety of ways. The high expectations at Woodward help young people with the challenges they will face in life.” – William Burton Jones '98
State Senator

Mary Moore

“The foundation that Woodward provided benefits me every day. The exceptional teachers who developed potential in me that I didn’t see in myself, along with many opportunities to broaden my horizons, fostered the confidence that is a cornerstone of my success.” – Mary Moore '87
Owner, Cooks Warehouse 

Nguyen Nguyenvu

"I am grateful for the cultural diversity that existed at Woodward. Not only was the student demographic diverse; our education was thoughtful and reflective of the world at large." – Dr. Nguyenvu "Winston" Nguyen '90
Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

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