Admissions FAQ

Co-Curricular Questions

My child has an interest in arts and athletics. Can they do both?
Yes. Woodward Academy appreciates and encourages individual talents. The students are encouraged to balance their co-curricular activities with their academic pursuits.

Are the same activities offered at the North Campus that are offered on the Main Campus?
Music, dance and art along with the intramural sports program are offered on both campuses. Interscholastic sports are offered only on the Main Campus.

Can my child take music lessons at Woodward Academy?
There are voice and music teachers available for lessons on both campuses. The lessons are generally scheduled before or after school or during non-academic classes.

How do we find out when summer try-outs for co-curricular activities are?
The try-out dates are posted on the Athletics page of our website or you may call 404.765.4050 for more information.

What sports (intramurals) are offered for grades four through six?
At Woodward North, badminton, basketball, volleyball and soccer are offered for grades 4-6. At the Lower School on Main Campus, football, cheerleading, wrestling (grades 3-6), swimming, basketball, girls softball, soccer, lacrosse and volleyball.