Athletic Key Tags

The Parent Community is pleased to provide parents with the 2014-2015 WA athletic key tags, which will allow free admission to home games*. Starting this year, the key tags will be distributed in the homeroom of the only/oldest child in each family, so they will not be mailed home.

*Please note: admission fees will be charged for away games and GHSA events such as playoffs, scrimmages, tournaments and, championships.

These cards will assist the volunteers at the entrance gates in indentifying you as a Woodward Academy parent, so please don’t forget your card. Parents and students from visiting teams and Woodward Academy parents without an athletic card will be charged an entrance fee. Upper and Middle School students will enter free of charge by showing their student ID cards. Younger students and siblings do not need an ID when entering with a parent.

If you lose or do not receive your key tag, please contact the Woodward Academy Parent Community at