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Important Information Regarding
New NCAA Eligibility Rules

Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete: The Guide is a highly comprehensive tool, that has been designed to help you understand the NCAA initial-eligibility process and to prepare student-athletes for transitioning from high school to becoming an NCAA Division I or II student-athlete.

Initial-Eligibility Brochure: A quick guide to the standards and steps that it takes to become an NCAA Division I or II student-athlete.

Eligibility Center Quick Reference Sheet: A complete breakdown of the NCAA Divisions I and II initial-eligibility standards.

New Academic Requirements Document: This document discusses the new academic standards for student-athletes enrolling at a college or university on or after August 1, 2016.

2012-13 Your Path to the Student-Athlete Experience Presentation (for Students): A PPT for students and parents to provide insight into our process.

Student Eligibility

All students must meet the requirements of eligibility in order to try-out for our athletic program. The requirements are as follows:

  1. A student must have an annual physical examination by a licensed physician indicating the student is physically approved for participation in any try-out, practice or conditioning, whichever comes first.
  2. A student must pass 5 courses the previous semester, prior to participation, according to Georgia High School Association (GHSA) Standards. Students participating in junior varsity or "B" team competition must meet all scholastic requirements.
  3. Intramural students are not required to meet the above standards.
  4. The GHSA has also established criteria for accumulating Carnegie Units towards Graduation.  Click here for the GHSA requirements


Please go to the bus transportation page for the Student Transport's Bus Rider Code of Conduct  and for the permission slip for alternate transportation to Athletic / School Activities.
To ensure that Woodward students are safe while moving to and from school-related activities:

  • Students who travel to school-related activities in school vehicles must also return with the group/team unless:
    a) Before traveling, the student presents the driver and/or faculty member/coach responsible for transporting the students with written authorization* from the parent permitting the student to leave the activity with another specified adult; OR
    b) At the event, the parent meets directly with the driver and/or faculty member/coach responsible for transporting the students and provides oral authorization for the student to leave the activity with the parent or other specified adult. Telephone calls are insufficient verification of parental authority.
  • Students may drive themselves to and/or from school-related activities as long as:
    a) The faculty supervisor/coach/employee does not require the team/club/group to travel together AND
    b.) the faculty supervisor/coach/bus driver receives prior written authorization* from the student’s parent for the student to drive to and/or from the activity.
  • Faculty members/coaches/employees are not expected to transport students in their personal vehicles.