Our culture of philanthropy is an extension of our commitment to service. Giving back begins here at home, with the primary goal of providing the best possible education for our students. Our Advancement Office supports our school and its mission through fundraising initiatives. We invite you to explore the many aspects of philanthropy at Woodward and the opportunities available to contribute to the success of our students.

The Woodward Fund


At Woodward, some things are certain. We are certain that potential is unleashed not only by what you learn but how you learn it. We are certain that embracing our differences makes the world a better place. We are certain that learning is hard and that pushing through difficulties makes students stronger and more resilient.

We are also certain that Woodward Academy is an educational environment like no other. As we strive for excellence, we practice empathy. We build character by exercising tolerance, and we create life-changing opportunities for our students and faculty for which they are forever grateful.

The Woodward Fund enriches the people and programs at the heart of this institution. Your annual gift to The Woodward Fund strengthens the longstanding traditions of excellence, character, and opportunity that are undeniably Woodward.

Giving Levels

While all gifts are important and appreciated, The Woodward Fund recognizes donors in a range of giving levels. The Woodward Fund offers additional recognition to donors within the President's Circle based on giving level.

Giving Levels The Woodward Fund

President's Circle: $1,500+
Colonel's Circle: $1,000-1,499
Captain's Circle: $500-999
Cadet's Circle: $250-499
War Eagle Circle: $1-249

Giving Levels The Woodward Fund Presidents Circle

Platinum: $25,000+
Diamond: $10,000-24,999
Gold: $5,000-9,999
Silver: $2,500-4,999
Bronze: $1,500-2,499

young alumni president's circle

Classes 2011-2017: Any Gift
Classes 2007-2011: $250+
Classes 2002-2006: $500+
Classes 1997-2001: $1000+

Family of Funds

The Woodward Fund encompasses a family of funds, allowing donors to designate gifts to specific areas across campus:



supports academics, technology, innovation, faculty development


supports need-based student financial aid


supports arts, athletics, global connections, cocurricular programs

Where woodward needs it most

directs unrestricted gifts to the Academy's most pressing needs

Ways to Give

The Woodward Fund offers donors a variety of giving options.

  • Cash gifts via personal checks and/or credit cards are the most popular ways to make gifts to The Woodward Fund. Please mail your check or credit card information with a reply card to:
Woodward Academy
Office of Advancement
1662 Rugby Avenue
College Park, GA 30337

  • Online gifts by credit card can be made here.
  • Matching gifts allow companies to show their support of independent schools by matching their employees' gifts to The Woodward Fund. Contact your personnel office for matching gift information.
  • Stock gifts can be made by contacting Claire Hegarty, Director of Advancement, at 404.765.4043. Please see our FAQs (below) for details about transferring stock to The Woodward Fund.

Why Give?


Support Woodward


We rely on your participation.



TUITION GAPWhile tuition remains the main source of funding,


That's where you come in.

The Woodward Fund fills the gap and covers day-to-day necessities like...








What is The Woodward Fund? Why is it important to give?
The Woodward Fund, the Academy's annual giving program, directly benefits students, teachers, and coaches by providing resources for dynamic learning opportunities in every classroom, funding for athletics and the arts, and increased need-based student financial aid.

Who can support The Woodward Fund?
Woodward welcomes support from parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, friends of the Academy, faculty, and staff.

Are parents required to give a certain amount to The Woodward Fund?
Gifts to The Woodward Fund are voluntary and appreciated at every giving level. Parent participation expresses commitment to the quality educational experience of each of our students. Every gift is important to reaching The Woodward Fund goal each year.

How soon will I be expected to pay my pledge?
Pledges can be paid at any time prior to the end of the Academy's fiscal year, May 31. Payment can be made in installments with reminder notices sent according to the donor's instructions. The easiest way to pay a pledge is by visiting our online giving page.

Can I make a gift in honor or memory of someone special?
Gifts can be made in honor or memory of someone with a minimum donation of $25 per honoree. For example, donors can make a gift in honor of a teacher who has made a difference in a student's education or in memory of a loved one. A notification letter will be mailed to the individual or family, and the honoree's name will be listed in the annual Philanthropy Report.

Does The Woodward Fund accept gifts of securities?
Woodward Academy gratefully receives gifts of appreciated assets, such as securities. A gift of appreciated stock often offers tax benefits to the donor.

What is the process for transferring stock to The Woodward Fund?
      • Instruct your broker to transfer the gift shares directly to Woodward Academy's broker, Morgan Stanley.
      • The Morgan Stanley DTC number is 0015.
      • Woodward Academy's account number is 556-226165-341.
      • At the time of transfer, it is very important that your broker provide the details to the bank representative, Melissa Kaufman-Lovell at 404.705.6500.
      • To ensure that stock gifts have been correctly processed, please contact Claire Hegarty, Director of Advancement, at the time of transfer.

WF Cabinet

The Woodward Fund Cabinet is a dedicated group of volunteer leaders crucial to the success of The Woodward Fund. If you are interested in joining our volunteer effort, please contact Claire Hegarty.

The 2017-18 Woodward Fund Cabinet

  • Laura and Michael Drucker, Chairs
  • Kimberly and George Ajy, Upper School Chairs
  • Catherine and Arnie Pittman, Upper School New Parent Chairs
  • Laurie and Chad Hood, Middle School Chairs
  • Jo Ann and Mark Herold, Middle School New Parent Chairs
  • Heather Weiner and Kevin Berman, Lower School Chairs
  • Caroline and David Caldwell, Lower School New Parent Chairs
  • Devin Taylor and Lorne Clark, Primary School Chairs
  • Staci Brill and Matt Brill '91, Primary School New Parent Chairs
  • Hina and Amirali Noorani, Woodward North Chairs
  • Kate and Todd Melioris, Woodward North New Parent Chairs
  • Margie and Jerry Drucker, Grandparent Chairs
  • Diane and Bill Clapes, Parents of Alumni Chairs
  • Ronda Zents, Faculty and Staff Chair
  • Tiffany Turner Reynolds '98, The Woodward Alumni Fund Chair


Claire Hegarty

Claire Hegarty

Director of Advancement
Naylene Felt

Naylene Felt

Assistant Director of the Woodward Fund

Alumni Giving

All gifts from alumni support The Woodward Alumni Fund or The GMA Alumni Fund, which are important components of The Woodward Fund. Your annual gift helps sustain our mission to provide students with the innovative, challenging, and well-rounded educational experience that prepares them to join you as successful alumni. Visit The Alumni Giving page to learn how you can make a gift.

alumni giving

As alumni, you know our students are provided with opportunities that will carry them far beyond their time at the Academy. Gifts from alumni support the people and programs at the heart of the Academy by providing faculty development opportunities, classroom resources, support for the arts, athletics, global connections, technology, cocurricular programs, and need-based student financial aid.

Your gift—no matter the size—strengthens the institution by demonstrating the alumni body’s collective support of the Academy. We hope you will consider supporting the school that provided you with extraordinary opportunities to succeed in life. You can even give in honor of a teacher, coach, or classmate who positively influenced your journey at Woodward/GMA and beyond.

To support The Woodward Alumni Fund or The GMA Alumni Fund, please make your gift or pledge online or contact the Alumni Office at 404.765.4042.

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds serve as our "savings accounts" for student financial aid, student and teacher enrichment, and awards and prizes. The Academy uses only annual earnings from these funds and does not spend the principal. Our current policy allows for the annual spending of five percent of the three-year average of the market value of each fund. Woodward requires a minimum principal amount of $100,000 to establish student financial aid funds and a minimum of $50,0000 for enrichment funds. Endowed prize funds can be established at lesser amounts depending on the purpose and goal of each fund.

Capital Efforts

In 2014, the Academy completed the 15-year Campus Master Plan created in 2000 one year ahead of schedule. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Woodward successfully completed Campaign Woodward, a seven-year comprehensive campaign that raised $63.2 million, transforming our campus with state-of-the-art learning spaces, bolstering our endowment, and supporting our annual giving program.

The R.L. Brand Jr. Society (Planned Giving)

The R.L. Brand Jr. Society is an honorary association of alumni, parents, and friends who have officially included the Academy as a beneficiary in their estate plans. For more information about Planned Giving at Woodward Academy, please call us at 404.765.4030.

GOAL Scholarship

The State of Georgia has created an opportunity for taxpayers to redirect a portion of their Georgia state income taxes to improve educational opportunities in Georgia. Woodward Academy partners with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, a student scholarship organization that allows participants to redirect a portion of their Georgia tax liability to Woodward Academy. This program provides opportunities for more students to receive a Woodward Academy education.

For more information, please visit goalscholarship.org or call Naylene Felt at 404.765.4036.

GOAL Paperless Process

2017 Georgia GOAL Tax Credit Form

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We rely on your participation.

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