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A Message from Woodward Academy’s Parent Community

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we would like to thank all of our parent volunteers for taking time out of their busy schedules to support Woodward. Whether it is sending in party supplies, coordinating a parent community event or chairing a school committee, we thank you. Our academy would not be what it is if not for our wonderful parents!

Please take a moment to visit our Parent Programing page and take the opportunity to join one of the informative events. This is a great way to meet other parents while learning something new. We are very fortunate to have such exceptional speakers.

This month in particular, when we are on campus let us take a moment to recognize our incredible Woodward employees. We often thank those on the forefront – the administrators, teachers and coaches. But, let us not forget to also share our appreciation with the many other people who give so much to care for our children – security, facilities, housekeeping, dining, groundskeepers, transportation, administrative assistants, IT and all other staff who keep Woodward Academy running smoothly! Our appreciation of this mighty team is well deserved!

With best wishes for a restful Thanksgiving break,

Rochelle Andrews

Parent Community President 2014-2015


Main Parent Community Calendar

Nov 26 Wed

Thanksgiving Break School Closed

Nov 27 Thu

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Break School Closed

Nov 28 Fri

Thanksgiving Break School Closed

Dec 1 Mon

LS Holiday Decorations Go Up!

Location: Lower School
Dec 2 Tue

MS Parent Coffee Exam Meeting

Location: Middle School
Dec 4 Thu

Parent Programming - “Raising Digital Natives: Using Technology to Build & Develop Executive Functioning Skills”, Gail Flanigan, Ph.D.

Location: Woodward North Campus

Visit this link

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Our children are immersed in the digital world. Technology has great potential to manage and build executive functioning skills and has the added advantage of being natural and motivating for today’s students. This presentation will explore executive functioning skills as it pertains to technology. Parents will gain an understanding of both positive and negatives aspects of technology on skill development while also gaining practical suggestions for helping their child progress academically.

Register to attend!

Dec 8 Mon

PS Star Tree Gifts Due

Dec 10 Wed

MS Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

LS Teacher Appreciation Desert Party