Volunteer Opportunities

WN Book Fair

There are a myriad of opportunities for YOU to become involved! There is something for everyone and something to fit everyone’s schedule. Whatever you choose, everyone benefits. Volunteering not only enhances the Woodward experience for our children, it offers you the opportunity to meet other parents, become more familiar with life on campus and experience the sense of community that is Woodward Academy.

We invite you to become more familiar with the Parent Community organization and encourage you to volunteer as your schedule allows. Check the list below for opportunities to volunteer for Academy-wide events, or click the links to the right for opportunities in each school. You will find contact information for officers and chairpersons, and you can volunteer online for specific events that interest you.

Everyone’s time, talents, ideas and input are much needed and much appreciated. And if we can help you and your family feel more a part of the Woodward community, please do not hesitate to contact us or any of the Parent Community Board. We are looking forward to working with YOU! 

School-wide Events/Opportunities


If you are interested in volunteering in the concession stand at Friday night home football games, contact us at waconcession@gmail.com.

Parents have the opportunity to help out in the concession stand before and during the Academy’s home football and other sport games. It is a fun job and a great way to meet other parents. (Note: other teams handle their concessions through team parents during their season.) 

Thank you,
Karen Corbin, Manager & Teri Taylor, Treasurer

    Consignment Shop

    Parents can work a shift at the Consignment Shop and assist in selling and tagging used books and uniforms. The shop is open Monday and Wednesday afternoons 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. There is additional help needed in the summer.
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    Woodward Welcoming Committee

    The Parent Community provides the help of current families to new Woodward families. The parent(s) provides informal advice that helps a new family get acclimated to the school. This advice might include information about purchasing books and uniforms, transportation options, class scheduling, or introducing the new family to existing Woodward families. Consider sharing your experiences and help welcome a new family to the Woodward community!
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    Parent Programming

    This is the Parent Education arm of the Parent Community. We work on putting together engaging and empowering speaker events reflective of the interests of the parents of each school and age group. Parents can assist by providing names of potential speakers (parents or professionals in their respective fields) and topics of interest. You can also assist the representatives at each school if needed on the dates of the events. Parents can also give valued input by attending the events and letting us know their thoughts!
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    Super Goober Day

    This action-packed festival is held in the fall at the Academy’s Main Campus. Families of pre-kindergarteners to 6th graders will gather for an afternoon full of fun. The elementary schools work together to coordinate this fantastic event, and many volunteers are needed to make this day a success!  Please check your school’s Volunteer Opportunities page, (link at right,) for information on how to get involved through your school. 
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    Woodward Academy
    Volunteer Policy

    "Woodward Academy volunteer opportunities in the classroom, school, club or athletic events are to be strictly fulfilled only by the following adults: custodial parents, adult siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, designated care givers, alumni, or employees of Woodward. In order to insure the safety and well being of all of our students, any volunteer not meeting these criteria may be asked not to participate in volunteer opportunities at Woodward Academy."