Inclement Weather & Emergency Procedures

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, please go to Woodward360 or turn to the following television or radio stations for information regarding whether Woodward Academy will be open or closed for the day:

If the school is open during inclement weather, parents should use their best judgment as to whether their child should attend on that day. Absences due to inclement weather will be considered excused.

If inclement weather develops after students have arrived at school, it may be necessary to close school early or delay student departure from campus. In such cases, we will have details on the Woodward360 web page.

To learn about other emergency information, please see the policy below.

Emergency Procedures

With the uncertain state of world affairs, we cannot be certain that there will not be another day like 9/11/01 in the future. Below is the Academy's basic philosophy when there is confusion in the external world that raises questions about continuing the school day:

It is best that students remain on our campuses until the conclusion of the regular school day, barring any specific risk in the vicinity. Information about school and transportation will be posted rapidly on our Woodward360. We will send specific additional information using e-mail and possibly SMS, and update as necessary.

Woodward Academy thinks remaining on campus and dismissal in orderly fashion is the safest approach. We will, of course, release students to their parents or authorized adults, but this must be done through the individual school offices. In the extraordinarily unlikely event that roads are closed over a long period of time, we have made provision to keep and feed students on the campuses overnight.

If you are a current Woodward Academy parent and would like to know more about our operations plan, it is available by logging into your Edline account.

Many thanks for your help, support and trust.


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