Summer Programs

Professional Learning

EdTech Teacher Summer Workshops at Woodward

The iPad Classroom (June 9-11)

iPad and iPad Mini have taken classrooms by storm, quickly emerging as the mobile device of choice. This session focuses on effective iPad innovation from both a conceptual as well as a practical standpoint. Beginning with understanding the device itself and the features of the iOS, we will move along a path from consumption to creation to curation to connection.

The Advanced iPad Classroom (June 12-13)

In this hands-on, intensive, two day workshop, participants will explore advanced topics in classroom iPad integration such as App Fluency, App Smashing, curation, and collaboration. Advanced workflow strategies will be covered as well as the creation of student portfolios, multi-app combination scenarios to create new multimedia content, and publishing content to the web. Participants will be given hands-on time to explore, practice and refine their skills throughout the workshop. To culminate the session, participants will redesign an existing unit, project, or lesson to thoughtfully integrate iPads.

Technology in the Elementary Classroom (June 12-13)

Whether your students have access to a computer lab, a cart of iPads, or a handful of laptops, technology can enhance and extend the learning context when used in appropriate and meaningful ways. In this workshop, we will explore tools, apps, activities, and strategies that nurture essential K-4 developmental and learning skills such as fluency, numeracy, storytelling, and voice. Using the Collect-Relate-Create-Donate (C-R-C-D) model from Ben Schneiderman’s book, Leonardo’s Laptop, as a framework, we will develop lessons and projects, communication and collaboration strategies, digital portfolios, and blogs. Additionally, we will examine the best K-4 web sites as well as work with a combination of web tools and apps, in order to build creative, collaborative, and globally connected classrooms.

The projects, concepts, and tools addressed in this workshop not only align to The Common Core State Standards, but also to the 4Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, & Creativity – as defined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.