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Professional Learning

Come learn with us! Summer 2013

This summer, enjoy world-class  professional learning opportunities on Woodward’s beautiful campus, just minutes from downtown Atlanta.


Many great offerings, including:

Every Teacher Every Learner Conference

June 24-25 / 8:30-3:00  ($375.00) (1-PLU)

Featuring: Marcia Tate, Scott Sanchez, Sara Wilkie, and Shelley Paul

Whether leading a classroom, a department or an entire school community, every educator has numerous opportunities to influence learners in meaningful ways. Here is your chance to learn more about fostering student motivation, instructional strategies to engage the brain, Design Thinking in education, 21st century literacies, and educating the whole child. This summer, renew the spirit that initially brought you into the teaching profession!


Courses Led by Woodward Instructors
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Click links to expand details. Some courses offer 1 or 2 PLU for Georgia educators.

Classroom in the Cloud

June 17-20 / 9AM - 3PM
2 PLU / $350 ($0 for Woodward Faculty)
Led by Dee Koscik (Middle School English) &
Brian Sorrow (Middle School History)

With so many technology‐based options for teachers to use, educators and students can get lost in a web of online accounts, site addresses, and online tools. In this workshop, teachers will learn to use 100% free Google sites and other tools to create a single integrated classroom platform that will host all online activities for students. This will include documents, presentations, media projects, resource links, student blogs, and a student‐authored wiki. This site will be a one‐stop shop for all online classroom activity. By the end of the session, each participant will have an operating online classroom platform. View Testimonials here!

Classroom in the Cloud 2.1

June 24-27 / 9AM - 3PM / 2 PLU
$350 ($0 for Woodward Faculty)
Led by Dee Koscik (Middle School English) &
Brian Sorrow (Middle School History)

In this follow-up course to Class in the Cloud 1.0, we will build upon the basic skills and knowledge presented in week one. This session will be targeted toward anyone interested in working collaboratively with other educators to create online...or cloud-based... learning opportunities for their students. We will present and collaborate on the following:
 •Student-centered project-based learning (Apps, Blogging, Wikis, Message Boards, Online    Flashcards, Glogster, etc...)
 •site-specific quizzes (paperless testing, Edline quizzes, Google forms as quizzes, Socrative).
 •Online classroom participation (Using hand-held devices, Twitter in the class and for Professional Development, Socrative, Today’s Meet, Text-to-Poll, other back-channeling, Edline interactive assignments)
 •Forms and parental communication (group email, group sharing, text messaging as emergency communication)
 •Pod-casting, video, and digital communication (Youtube, TED, Flipped learning, Animoto, Voicethread, Pinterest)

Edline, Wikis and the Online Classroom

June 3-6 /9AM - 3PM  2 PLU
$350 ($0 Woodward Faculty)
Led by Jason St. Amand
(Middle School History, Technology Specialist)

In this workshop, teachers will learn to utilize Edline and wikis to create a more comprehensive online learning environment that facilitates critical-thinking development and problem-solving. Teachers will incorporate blogs, discussion questions, Twitter, and the use of YouTube and iMovie, to enrich the classroom experience and empower students to create a digital portfolio of their learning. This course is designed to teach the basics of how to start your online classroom.

Educating the Net generation in a (World) language Classroom

June 6-7  / 9AM - 3PM 1PLU
$250 ($0 Woodward Faculty)
Led by Kris Muir (Upper School Foreign Language)

As Net Gen learners, most of our students live in the 21st century surrounded by stimuli, but they may not have developed critical 21st-century thinking skills. They are, at times, rooted in a world of constant instant messaging via texts, tweets, and status updates. Despite their sense of being connected to everything, our students lack crucial digital literacy skills to properly collect, sufficiently analyze, and appropriately share the knowledge they have gained.

This workshop will focus on why our students learn differently, and the ways in which we can utilize neurological research to create instructional strategies that extend beyond the confines of the textbook and curriculum, in order to further engage the multi-tasking learner of the 21st century. Topics will include:

  • Understanding the shift for the Net Generation of learners
  • Differentiating instruction through novelty, movement, and visuals in order to prime the brain’s pump and maximize student engagement
  • Improving vocabulary retention via innovative methods
  • Incorporating tools for digital storytelling as well as other Web 2.0 Tools


Workshops hosted by Woodward on our Campus


EdTech Teacher Summer Workshops at Woodward - Teaching with Technology (external link)

June 10-14

Featuring :

  • The iPad Classroom (June 10-12, 2013)
  • Creating Digital Course Content for iPads (June 13-14, 2013)
  • Teaching English and History with Technology (June 13-14, 2013)

AP/Pre-AP Summer Institutes
(external link)

June 3-7 / July 15-18

Featuring: College Board Endorsed Consultants
(coordinated by EdventureGA)