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Below is our current listing for professional learning at Woodward Academy for summer 2015.  Please select a button below to learn more about each class.


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EDTECHTEACHER: The iPad Classroom (June 8-10)

The iPad and iPad Mini have proven to be powerful creation and curation devices in the hands of students. This session focuses on effective iPad integration from both a conceptual as well as a practical standpoint. With our philosophy of "All of the Good Apps Fit on One Screen" as a guiding principle, this workshop provides participants not only with an understanding of the device itself, but also its potential for empowering students as creators of their own learning artifacts. Key topics addressed in this three-day workshop include reading and note taking, screen casting and multimedia creation, portfolios and publishing, as well as collaborative projects. Whether you have a cart of shared iPads, a 1:1 program, or a single device in your classroom, this workshop provides an excellent starting point for thoughtful integration into any curriculum.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is an excellent option for participants who are just getting started with iPads or who are looking for more of a general overview of what is possible.

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EDTECHTEACHER: The Advanced iPad Classroom (June 11-12)

In this hands-on, intensive, two (or three) day workshop, participants will explore advanced topics in classroom iPad integration such as App Fluency, App Smashing, curation, and collaboration. Advanced workflow strategies will be covered as well as the creation of student portfolios, multi-app combination scenarios (app-smashing) to create new multimedia content, and publishing content to the web. Participants will be given hands-on time to explore, practice, and refine their skills throughout the workshop. To culminate the session, participants will redesign an existing unit, project, or lesson to thoughtfully integrate iPads, with a particular focus towards student creation, collaboration and publishing.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed specifically for participants who have previously attended an EdTechTeacher iPad Classroom Summer Workshop, an iPad Summit Pre-Conference Workshop, or teachers and administrators who have at least one year of experience in a 1:1 or shared iPad classroom.

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EDTECHTEACHER: Google & Chromebooks (June 11-12)

Join us for this two workshop devoted to effectively integrating these tools to create student centric, creative, and collaborative learning environments. In this hands-on workshop, we will explore proven strategies for using Chromebooks, the Chrome Browser, and Google Apps for Education in ways that purposefully impact student learning. The workshops will progress through the following path to ensure a solid understanding of the capacities of both Chromebooks and the Google Apps suite:

  1. Understanding a Chromebook and the Chrome OS
  2. Understanding and exploring Google Drive with a focus on organization, workflow, and collaboration.
  3. The Chrome Browser, Chrome Extensions, Chrome Apps, and the Chrome Web Store.
  4. Google Apps beyond Google Drive - Blogger, Google Sites, and YouTube
  5. Web Tools - non-Google products to support student creation.
  6. Workflow with Google Apps - how to manage daily workflow with both Google and non-Google products in conjunction with Learning Management Systems.
By the end of the workshop, participants will leave with the skills, abilities, strategies, and practice to effectively use Google in the classroom.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is best suited for classroom teachers, tech integration specialists, and administrators who are coming off of either a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) or a Chromebook pilot, year one of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) or Chromebooks, or schools that are just getting started with GAFE and / or Chromebooks.

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