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From President Stuart Gulley

In life, we are sometimes led to places, people, and experiences that are unexpected and prove to be truly transformative. For me, this describes the experience of coming to Woodward Academy.

In 2009, I was at my desk at LaGrange College, where I had served as President for 13 years, when I received a phone call from Woodward Board Chairman Ben F. Johnson III '61, whom I had known for years through our shared connections with Emory University. Mr. Johnson encouraged me to consider the presidency at Woodward. I was intrigued, in part because of my immense respect for Mr. Johnson's reputation as a truly visionary leader. In my career spent in higher education at Emory and LaGrange, I had not previously considered working in independent school education. Yet, when I arrived on this campus for my first visit, I immediately sensed the unique and valuable nature of Woodward's purpose, and I wanted to play a role in shaping the Academy's future.

We often hear that we are a microcosm of Atlanta, but I view Woodward as a microcosm of the world. Our students gain immensely from the many varied perspectives present in our community, connecting with friends and classmates, challenging each other to think independently, and learning tolerance, empathy, and gratitude. Our global reach is constantly expanding, with international students enrolling and more opportunities each year for students to experience study and travel abroad. Our approach to education, which includes a strong emphasis on community service, recognizes the intrinsic value of each individual and the importance of giving back.

I believe in servant leadership—that leaders must put aside their own needs in service to the greater good—and I see it demonstrated every day in our students. I am honored to serve here, and I am awed each day by Woodward students, not only by their intellects, leadership abilities, and academic achievements but also by their strength of character. I invite you to get to know us, visit our beautiful campus, and meet the dedicated teachers and students who inspire me daily. Our work here has far-reaching implications, as our graduates enter the world beyond Woodward to make it a better place.

F. Stuart Gulley, Ph.D.

Listen to President Gulley's Newstalk 1160 radio interview about the Woodward Difference


Rebecca Eckstein

Rebecca Eckstein

Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Management
Chris Freer

Chris Freer

Vice President & Dean for Student Life, Upper School Principal
Bob Hawks

Bob Hawks

Vice President for Advancement
Nija Meyer

Nija Meyer

Vice President for Strategic Marketing & Communications
Marcia Prewitt Spiller

Marcia Prewitt Spiller

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kelly Sanderson

Kelly Sanderson

Vice President for Finance & Administration


Chris Freer

Vice President & Dean for Student Life, Upper School Principal

Beth Marien

Woodward North Principal

Eric Mitchell

Primary School Principal

Ed Notestine

Middle School Principal

Andy Phillips

Lower School Principal


Robert E. Bowers, 1974, Chairman

J. Russell Welch, Vice Chairman
Ms. Madelyn R. Adams
Mr. Gerald R. Benjamin
Mr. Ronald M. Brill
Mr. Mason L. Cardwell, 1998
Mr. Alfred J. Cole, 1980
Mr. Clarence Davis, 1974
Mr. A. Adair Dickerson, Jr., 1971
Mr. Michael S. Drucker
Dr. Xavier A. Duralde, 1976
Dr. Nancy H. Gallups, 1984
Mrs. Jo Cranford Hodges, 1996
Mr. Ben F. Johnson III, 1961
Mr. Ian Lloyd-Jones
Mr. Gene W. Milner, Jr., 1971
Ms. Mary S. Moore, 1987
Dr. Carlos S. Moreno, 1982
Mr. George S. Morgan, Sr., 1969
Mrs. Belinda M.J. Morris
Mrs. Marie L. Nygren, 1978
Mr. Tim A. O'Brien, 1961
Mrs. Vicki R. Palmer
Dr. Deepak Raghavan
Mr. John D. Randolph
Mr. Stephen E. Roberts, 1965
Mr. Mitesh Shah
Mr. Shi Shailendra


Mr. William W. Allison
Dr. Thomas J. Busey, Jr., 1949
Mrs. Kitty Dukehart
Mr. William E. Eason, Jr.
Ms. Vicki Escarra
Dr. Daniel S. Ferguson, 1968
Mr. W. Philip Gramm, 1961
Dr. Phillip A. Griffiths, 1956
Mr. Waldo S. Kennedy, 1957
Dr. Thomas L. Lyons, 1966
Mrs. Anne Rivers Siddons
Mr. Larry D. Thompson
Mr. Raymond G. Woodall, Jr., 1950

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