Green Apple Day of Service & Recycling

This fall, Woodward Academy participated in the U.S. Green Building Council's Green Apple Day of Service for the second year. Projects included a reuse-recycling drive and a student-led gardening project for fall crop preparation in the new location of the Upper School learning garden. In 2015, there was about 3,200 lbs of diverted technology, textiles and shredded paper with more than 25 students volunteering to help with this initiative as well as the garden preparation. In 2014, the Academy helped divert more than 6,000 lbs. and over 130 containers of paint from the landfill during the event.

Green Apple Day of Service

When: each fall (Sept. - Oct.)
Where: Main Campus

Items accepted at the event usually include:

  • electronics (free)
  • textiles (free)
  • paper shredding on site (free)
  • paint (fee based on type and amount)

Recycling/Reuse at Woodward Academy

Throughout the year, Woodward Academy practices mixed use recycling including diverting paper, plastic, cans, cardboard, and other items from the waste stream. In addition, Woodward's IT Department sponsors several community e-cycling drives each year on Main Campus along with ones at Woodward North.