Visiting Woodward

campus map

Admissions (red)

1 - Michael C. Carlos Administration Building

Lower School, 2 (pink)

2 - Thomas Hall

Middle School, 3-6 (purple)

3 - Brand-Tucker Hall: Classrooms, Administration

4 - Dickerson Art Center

5 - Dining Hall

6 - Campfield Lounge

Upper School, 7-14 (blue)

7 - Jane Woodruff Hall: Upper School Administration & Counseling, L-J Lecture Hall, English, Religion, Social Studies, World Language

8 - Joseph H. Moss Hall: College Counseling, Harrison Lecture Hall, Math, Science

9 - Thalia N. Carlos Science Center

10 - Richardson Hall: Visual & Performing Arts, Ben F. Johnson III Theatre, Malizia Amphitheatre

11 - George C. Carlos Library

12 - The Center for Innovation:Global Connections Center, Learning Design & Innovation, Computer Science, West Commons

13 - Robert W. Woodruff Dining Hall

14 - Tyler H. Brown Student Center: Campus Store, Student Lounge, Snack Bar

General (orange)

15 - Michael C. Carlos Administration Building: Offices of the President & Sr. Vice President, Business Office, Human Resources

16 - Gresham Chapel:Chapel Activity Room

17 - Campus Store

18 - Brewster Hall:Transition Office, Summer Programs Office

19 - Rutland Hall

20 - Ann & Ben Johnson Center: Advancement & Alumni Offices

21 - McKay House: Marketing & Communications

22 - Parent Community Corner: Consignment Shop, Parent Lounge

23 - Facilities

Athletics, 24-35 (green)

24 - Graham Hixon Field at Colquitt Stadium

25 - Drucker Baseball Field

26 - Sutherland Family Softball Field

27 - Nathan T. Cole Diamond Complex

28 - Timothy J. Hamling Track & Field Complex

29 - Shailendra Tennis Complex

30 - Gymnasiums: Champions, Dobbs, Paget

31 - Kennedy Natatorium - Swim & Dive Pool

32 - Stadium Practice Field

33 - Math-Science Practice Field

34 - Parade Field

35 - Practice Gym

Note: Willingham Practice Fields are located north of campus between Adams and Myrtle Streets

Primary School, Pre-K to 3

Located at 2001 Walker Avenue, College Park. See arrow at the bottom of the map.

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The Woodward Neighborhood

The "Woodward neighborhood" is not what most people think of as a neighborhood, because it's not defined by where people live. Our neighborhood is made up of families from more than 20 counties and more than one hundred zip codes.

What does this mean for Woodward students? It means they learn to manage their time on the bus ride to campus each day, fine-tune their papers on MARTA, and perfect their math assignments in the car. It means learning to brave the unfamiliar, pursue a challenging goal, and chart a fulfilling life path. Not because it's easy but because it's worth it.

"It wasn't about convenience for us. It was about giving our son the opportunity of and for a lifetime. Seeing the person he's become today, we would do it all again."
-Woodward Parent

Ways of getting to Woodward include our top safety rated bus system, used by approximately 600 students on 27 different routes; commuting or carpooling, which brings 1,450 students to our campuses daily; and the MARTA transit system, used by 300 students who take Woodward shuttles to and from the College Park station every day.


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visiting info

To make your visit as enjoyable and easy as possible, we have prepared this guide to help you navigate our campus, provide information for nearby hotels, restaurants, and shops, and give you a glimpse into some of the many exciting attractions Atlanta has to offer. Enjoy your stay!

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