Our History

In 1900, Atlanta had a population of 89,872. It was three years before Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first flight in Kitty Hawk, N.C., and the world had not yet seen its first silent film, World Series, or Nobel Prize. At that time Col. John Charles Woodward was a young educator who had gone away, to the University of Chicago, for his master's degree, and returned to his native state eager to put into practice his educational philosophies about character, health, and knowledge as the pillars of success.

More than a century later, Col. Woodward's philosophies live on in the school that bears his name. As the oldest independent school in Atlanta and the largest in the continental United States, Woodward Academy has always been a school of its time and yet, often and in many ways, ahead of its time.


Storycorps conversations between:

  • Vice President and Dean for Student Life Chris Freer and Former Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs Ron McCollum
  • Fellow alumni and friends Robert Stewart '91 and Nicole Adams '76
  • Distinguished Alumni Award recipient David McKenney '56 and his granddaughter, current student Sarah McKenney '16
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