Each day, our classrooms and hallways buzz with the intellectual energy of more than 2,600 students engaged in lively dialogue with their teachers and each other.

Our students are engaged in every kind of subject matter as well as current events and emerging contemporary issues. Our approach to academic excellence embraces the concept of teaching not just “what” but “why.” Woodward's academic program places us at the top of Atlanta private college preparatory schools, and we strive to be a national model in our curriculum and approach.

Opportunities to discover, collaborate, explore, and experiment are woven throughout our curriculum at every grade level from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. We employ techniques such as design thinking so that students learn critical thinking while broadening their abilities and competencies. Our global connections and STEM programs allow students to broaden their horizons and explore science and technology through hands-on, real-world application.

Woodward is a private college prep school near Atlanta where students achieve. They write scholarly papers and original stories, win national competitions, and become leaders in their fields. A Woodward graduate is intelligent and confident, fully prepared for college and life beyond.

More than that, our graduates possess an uncommon kind of wisdom. At Woodward, they learn to play a role in sustaining our world, and they are inspired to make it a better place. Here at Woodward, academic excellence means more than guiding students toward mastery of skills. It means guiding them to self-discovery and connection, providing a foundation that allows students to fulfill their potential and fully embrace life. The path to success starts at Woodward.

Primary School:

Because learning starts with joy, we nurture the natural spark of curiosity.

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Lower School:

We find engaging ways to guide students’ inquisitiveness and imagination as they discover their identities.

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Middle School:

As students develop maturity, we offer a safe space to reflect, grow, and learn.

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Upper School:

Students come to realize their full potential and are guided toward a world of infinite possibility.

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