Lower School (4-6)

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Our Lower School introduces new challenges while keeping curiosity alive so students’ true interests and strengths can grow. Surrounded by rich stories and histories—their own, their teachers’, their peers’—students venture outside the borders of their own experience, explore varying identities, and begin to discover their own. As students progress, our dedicated teachers find engaging ways to inspire their inquistiveness and imagination while guiding them through the mastery of basic and essential concepts. Our students thrive in this learning environment, where it’s okay to make mistakes because perseverance is an essential part of success.

Our Program

Language Arts

Students in grades four, five, and six read a series of selected novels and anthologies, with opportunities to analyze and write cogently about literature. Grammar and vocabulary are emphasized, and an Academy-wide writing continuum provides regular instruction in composition and constant writing practice.


Math in the Lower School covers a wide range of skills and concepts, with instruction in problem-solving, geometry, algebra preparation, data collection, measurement, probability, and statistics. Our approach provides students with a solid foundation for understanding mathematical concepts and teaches efficient use of computational skills and problem-solving strategies.


In grades four, five, and six, our students focus on earth, physical, and life sciences. Students learn about scientific processes through hands-on experimentation, problem-solving, and field trips for experiential learning.

Social Studies

Students develop greater understanding of our world through Social Studies. Fourth graders explore the five regions of the United States, learning about geographical similarities and differences, cultural diversity, and economic opportunities; they also conduct an in-depth study of the history, people, and economy of Georgia. Fifth graders analyze the historic foundations of our country and how the outcome of conflicts shaped our nation through the Reconstruction period. Sixth graders study economics, ancient civilizations, and feudalism.

Other Offerings

Physical Education is an important part of our program, and students may opt for dance instead of P.E. twice weekly. Spanish is also part of our curriculum, as preparation for world languages in Middle and Upper School. Students have opportunities to explore the arts and music during the school day. Intramural sports and a wide range of cocurricular opportunities—from animation and yoga to scouting—are offered after school.

Cocurricular Activities

  • Animation Club
  • Art Club
  • Cub Scouts
  • Chess
  • Fencing
  • Girl Scouts
  • Intramurals
  • Library Aides
  • Hand Bells
  • Honors Band
  • Honors Chorus
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Piano Lessons
  • Tennis
  • TV Crew
  • Yoga Club

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Curriculum Guide

Lower School Administration

Andy Phillips

Andy Phillips

Titles: Lower School Principal
Elaine Carroll

Elaine Carroll

Titles: Assistant Principal
Jacinda Clark

Jacinda Clark

Titles: Administrative Assistant
Drusilla Norton

Drusilla Norton

Titles: Administrative Assistant

School Hours

Monday through Friday
8:20 a.m. to 3:25 p.m.

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