Computer Science

From introductory computer science to web design, programming, and robotics, our Upper School computer science courses offer students many opportunities to explore their potential. Our curriculum culminates with Advanced Placement Computer Science, and we offer students a unique capstone course, Robotics @ Georgia Tech, which allows advanced students to take a college-level course during their senior year at Woodward.

Computer Science Courses

Technology Applications

This course develops digital literacy using various software applications, with emphasis on academic computing. Students learn word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, Internet research, and desktop publishing.

Digital Design 1

Design, communication, project management, and technology are key elements of this semester course. Students develop skills for producing web-ready communications, learning graphic design principles, storyboards, and Web development.

Digital Design 2

Building on Digital Design 1 skills, this course focuses on rich media development as well as website design and development. Students work individually and on teams to produce digital narratives, design documents, and visual comps.

Technology & Society Seminar

This seminar course offered every other school year investigates societal changes resulting from scientific and technological breakthroughs. Topics include online piracy, government surveillance, and ethical use of technology.

Technology & Individuals Seminar

This seminar course investigates individuals responsible for technological breakthroughs—people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Sergey Brim, Larry Page, and Meg Whitman. The course is offered every other year, alternating years with Technology & Society.


This honors course provides a fundamental understanding of the systems that make up robotics and the development of workplace competencies. Students learn to apply techniques, skills, and technology to solve robotic engineering problems.

Advanced Robotics

This honors course builds on the techniques, skills, and technologies mastered in Robotics. Students work in teams to engineer and implement robotic solutions to compete in state and national competitions.

Robotics @ Georgia Tech

This honors course is the equivalent of the Computer Science 1301 course taught at Georgia Tech. Through a unique partnership, a Georgia Tech professor visits Woodward weekly, and our students make reciprocal visits to the Tech campus. Students program Scribbler robots during the course.

Independent Study

This semester computer course develops technological analysis and synthesis skills, permits independent work by advanced students to investigate theory and practice, and offers opportunities to experiment, research, and develop technology solutions.

Advanced Placement Computer Science

This year-long AP course is the equivalent of three semester hours of college work. Students learn theories of computer science and programming in Java, covering topics including goal-oriented program and class design, program implementation and analysis, effective use of array data structures, and standard searching and sorting algorithms. In the spring, students may take the AP exam for college credit.