Supplemental Courses

The Upper School offers a range of supplemental courses, from Comparative Religions to Study Strategies and Driver Education.

Course Descriptions

Comparative Religions

This course provides a comparative survey of selected religious traditions from the East and West. Primary focus is on Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Students are exposed to a few lesser-known indigenous religions as well. The course allows students to explore various dimensions of multiple cultures along with their accompanying religious traditions.

Study Strategies

A semester-long course, Study Strategies is designed for students who have been enrolled in the Transition Program. Enrollment requires an additional fee and permission of the Director of the Transition Program. This course may be repeated.

Tools 1 – for Academic Success

This semester-long course prepares students for success in the classroom. While helping students set academic goals, the course provides instruction in organization, time management, note-taking, and basic life skills.

Tools 2 – for College Success

This semester-long course prepares students for academic success in college. It emphasizes the importance of time management, organization, independence, and awareness of academic standing while providing a positive environment to help students work toward achieving their academic goals.

Oral & Written Communication

This course develops skills necessary for argument construction and communication, focusing on two aspects of effective communication—speaking skills and critical thinking. As students learn to recognize valid interpretations of an argument, they apply this knowledge to develop and defend their interpretations. Students are expected to read critically, ask pertinent questions, recognize assumptions and implications, and evaluate ideas, all within time constraints. Admission requires the teacher's approval, and honors credit is available to students who are active on the Debate Team.

Driver Education

Driver education is offered on the Upper School campus after school by Taggart's Driving School for a fee charged directly to the student. Successful completion of the course will qualify the student's family for a direct tax credit from the state and possibly a 10 percent discount in auto insurance. More information is available here.