As alumni, you know Woodward students are provided with opportunities that will carry them far beyond their time at the Academy. Gifts to The Woodward Alumni Fund and The GMA Alumni Fund support the people and programs at the heart of the Academy by providing faculty development opportunities, classroom resources, support for the arts, athletics, global connections, technology, co-curricular programs and need-based student financial aid. Your gift—no matter the size—strengthens the institution by demonstrating the alumni body’s collective support of the Academy.

Gifts from alumni support The Woodward Alumni Fund* or The GMA Alumni Fund**, which are vital components of The Woodward Fund, providing the resources and opportunities that impact every student and teacher.

*Gifts from alumni 1968-2018 support The Woodward Alumni Fund. **Gifts from alumni 1967 and prior support The GMA Alumni Fund.

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Giving Levels

While all gifts are important and appreciated, The Woodward Alumni Fund and The GMA Alumni Fund recognize donors in a range of giving levels.

Giving Levels

  • President's Circle: $1,500+
  • Colonel's Circle: $1,000-1,499
  • Captain's Circle: $500-999
  • Cadet's Circle: $250-499
  • War Eagle Circle: $1-249

Young Alumni President’s Circle

  • Class year 2011 to 2016 (0-5 years): Any gift
  • Class year 2006 to 2010 (6-10 years): $250+
  • Class year 2001 to 2005 (11-15 years): $500+
  • Class year 1996 to 2000 (16-20 years): $1000+

President’s Circle

  • Platinum: $25,000+
  • Diamond: $10,000-24,999
  • Gold: $5,000-9,999
  • Silver: $2,500-4,999

Family of Funds

The Woodward Fund encompasses a family of funds, allowing donors to designate gifts to specific areas across campus:



supports academics, technology, innovation, faculty development


supports need-based student financial aid


supports arts, athletics, global connections, cocurricular programs

Where Woodward Needs it Most

directs unrestricted gifts to the Academy's most pressing needs

Tribute Gifts

Donors can make a gift in honor of a teacher, coach, parent, classmate, bus driver, or in memory of a loved one. A notification letter will be mailed to the individual or family, and the honoree's name will be listed in the annual Philanthropy Report.

Ways to Give

Gifts of Cash, Check, or by Credit Card

Cash gifts via personal checks and/or credit cards are the most popular ways to make gifts to The Woodward Fund. Please mail your check or credit card information with a reply card to: Woodward Academy–Office of Advancement, 1662 Rugby Avenue, College Park, GA 30337.

Online gifts by credit card can be made here.


What is The Woodward Alumni Fund/The GMA Alumni Fund? Why is it important to give?

The Woodward Alumni Fund and The GMA Alumni Fund are important components of The Woodward Fund, the Academy's annual giving program.  It runs every year (June 1-May 31) and directly benefits students, teachers, and coaches by providing resources for dynamic learning opportunities in every classroom, funding for athletics and the arts, and increased need-based student financial aid.

Collective support from alumni makes a profound impact. Strong alumni participation inspires others to give and shows the pride and dedication found among the Woodward alumni community.

Who supports the school?

Woodward relies on support from alumni, parents, grandparents, alumni parents, friends of the Academy, foundations, faculty, and staff.

When do I need to pay my pledge?

Pledges can be paid at any time prior to the end of the Academy's fiscal year, May 31. Payment can be made in installments with reminder notices sent according to the donor's instructions. The easiest way to pay a pledge is by visiting our online giving page.

Can I make a gift in honor or memory of someone special?

Donors can make a gift in honor of a teacher, coach, parent, classmate, bus driver, or in memory of a loved one. A notification letter will be mailed to the individual or family, and the honoree's name will be listed in the annual Philanthropy Report.

Does Woodward accept gifts of securities? What is the process for transferring stock?

Woodward Academy gratefully receives gifts of appreciated assets, such as securities. A gift of appreciated stock often offers tax benefits to the donor.

Instruct your broker to transfer the gift shares directly to Woodward Academy's broker, Morgan Stanley.  To ensure that stock gifts have been correctly processed, please contact Claire Hegarty, Director of Advancement, at the time of transfer.
At the time of transfer, it is very important that your broker provide the details to the bank representative, Melissa Kaufman-Lovell at 404.705.6500.
Woodward Academy's account number is 556-226165-341.
The Morgan Stanley DTC number is 0015.

Why do we need to give back to the school? Can’t Woodward rely on its endowment?

Woodward is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that relies on philanthropic support every year. Woodward does also rely on its endowment; however, Woodward can only draw a small portion from it annually to help subsidize the budget.  Similar to a savings account, much of Woodward’s endowment is restricted for specific future needs. In contrast, The Woodward Alumni Fund is similar to a checking account and raises annual, unrestricted support for Woodward.

Woodward families pay tuition, so why should I give to Woodward?

Tuition only covers 90% of our annual operations.  A portion of this gap is covered by annual giving efforts.  Your education was also supported by the generosity of alumni that came before you.

Why should I give to Woodward when there are so many worthy causes?

There are, indeed, many charities and organizations that need and are worthy of financial support.  As an alumnus, we’re asking that Woodward Academy be among those you support. Woodward is educating leaders who will take lessons learned and strong foundations to their personal and professional lives.  Our graduates (YOU!) are making a difference locally, nationally, and internationally.

Philanthropy Report 2018-19

Thanks to the people, spaces, and experiences of Woodward Academy, students can shape an education that answers the call of their individual passions.