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1980 Football Team

  • 1980s
1980 Football Team

“We just seemed to want it more than they did.” Those were the words of a Marist senior linebacker that motivated this 1980 team and Coach Hixon to eventually defeat Marist in a close 14-10 win in the Class AAA state championship game. The 1980 Woodward team was ranked #3 in the state. Woodward lost to Marist earlier in the season, but then proceeded with a 12 game winning streak to meet Marist again for a rematch in the championship game. Coach Hixon carved those infamous words into a wooden plank that he wore around his neck for the state championship game. Our War Eagles overcame an early 10-0 deficit to take the title with an eventual 14-10 victory. During the third quarter, Woodward took the lead, and Marist was given possession of the ball. Marist drove to the Woodward three yard line and gained a first and goal. Marist managed to move the ball to the one yard line, but the War Eagles held them and took over at the one at the start of the fourth quarter. One last possession of Marist was doomed with a Marist fumble that was recovered by Greg Carlson. This Woodward team clearly “wanted it more.” That wooden plank was hung over the locker room door in the 1981 season. That year, each player reached up and touched the sign as they left the locker room to enter the field. That sign still hangs in the locker room above the exit to this very day, and every player to don the Woodward uniform since has touched that sign at each home game on Friday nights in the fall.


Bill Archer '81
John Bazemore '81
Ritchie Bell '82
Freddie Blackmon '81
Casey Blume '81
Gerald Browner '82 - deceased
Gary Bryant '82
Greg Carlson '81
Duane Carter '81
Mike Chance '81
David Cooper '84
Pat Cooper '82
Thomas Cooper '81
Jeff Couch '81
Howard Delashmit '81
Preston Delashmit '82
Chip Ezell '84
Kevin Haley '81
Steve Humphrey '82
Mike Inman '81
Cy Johnson '83
Bill Jones '82
Joe Leyva '82
Roger McFarlin '82
Charlie McNash '82
Joe Minor '82
Tim Murray '81
Glenn Nantz '82

Jeff Nicholson '81
Jim Olsen '81
Van Panter '83
Wesley Panter '81
John Pemberton '82
Daryl Post '82
Jeff Ramey '81
Geoffrey Rhue '81
Jody Rohrl '83
Jerome Rossetti '81
Bryan Turner '81
Kenn Walker '82
John Weaver '81
Michael West '82
David Whaley '81
Sam Wilson '81
John Wolbrecht '83
Coach Graham Hixon - deceased
Assistant Coach Chuck Hixon ‘67 - deceased
Assistant Coach Jim Minor
Assistant Coach Johnny Stallings
Assistant Coach Marion Blume - deceased
Assistant Coach Don Cardell
Assistant Coach Jay King
Manager Stacey Barnard '81
Manager Daniel Dreisbach '82 - deceased
Manager Douglas King '81
Manager Rick McDuffie '82


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  • 1980s
  • 80s
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