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Chip Cary

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Tell us about yourself–where are you attending college and what is your major? What activities are you involved in?

I’m attending Duke University with plans to double major in economics and computer science. In addition to school, I’m a member of a fraternity, and I’m involved with club baseball. I also actively support Duke in all sorts of sports but especially football and basketball. I am definitely looking forward to us (hopefully) winning a national championship this year.

What are your plans after graduation?

I haven’t really decided yet. I am interested in the tech field, finance, or management consulting. I may end up going into entrepreneurship, too.

Chip Cary

Do you feel that Woodward prepared you well for college and life? In what ways?

Woodward prepared me very well for college, especially in terms of time management and writing. Living an hour away from Main Campus and playing baseball, I was forced to be organized and efficient to finish my homework and prepare for tests and quizzes. As a result, managing my time in college comes more easily to me. I had a love-hate relationship with writing at WA. I enjoyed writing about what interested me; however, I was not a fan of writing a literary analysis about ”Beowulf,” for example. However, all of that writing truly helped me, and I have had little trouble adjusting to writing college-style and -length papers.

How did Woodward help you discover your unique interests and develop them?

If I had to point to one thing, it would be Mr. [Charles] Bryant’s AP Economics class. He challenged me to think about things in a different perspective and changed my perspective on how classes should be taught. I have to say that my economics major is largely attributable to his class and how he taught. He’s also absolutely hilarious and that always makes “the dismal science” more entertaining.

Are there any special memories/teachers/friendships from your Woodward experience that you would like to share?

Considering that I attended Woodward starting in third grade, there are a ton of memories. If I had to pick something that will stick with me forever, it has to be the friends that I have made. They’ve been there for me over the years, and I have to thank them for that. I talk to them every day, and I’m lucky to have such good friends to share life with.

What are your long-term plans for the future?

That is a tough question. Hopefully I can pursue my dream of starting a company and be successful in that endeavor. However, honestly just being in a place to let my kids attend a school such as WA would be a goal for me. Although Woodward certainly has its ups and downs, I feel indebted to the school for preparing me for life and will always be grateful. I would like to thank my teachers, administrators, especially my friends for a great experience. Go War Eagles!

"Woodward prepared me very well for college, especially in terms of time management and writing. Living an hour from Main Campus and playing baseball, I had to be organized and efficient to finish homework and prepare for tests.”

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