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“My experience at Woodward taught me that my interests do not have to be limited. At Woodward North, it was common for students to join intramural volleyball, have a part in the school musical, and continue to do well with their schoolwork.”

Tell us about yourself. Where do you attend college and what is your major?

I attend Georgetown University, where I’m an international political economy major in the School of Foreign Service.

Where has your career taken you so far? What are your plans for after graduation?

I have had two great internship experiences in Washington, D.C. The first was with the federal government and the second in the advisory practice of Deloitte. I’m hoping to work in consulting after graduation.

Kelly Guest

Looking back, do you feel that Woodward prepared you well for college and life?

I will always be grateful to Woodward and my teachers there for the love of learning that I developed from an early age, which definitely helped prepare me for college and life. I’ve found that whether I am in the classroom, a work environment, or traveling, I’m excited to learn something new and challenge myself to try new experiences. I think the combination of Woodward’s culture of academic excellence with the high level of engagement with cocurricular activities has allowed me to balance my time in college and prioritize schoolwork while still being involved in clubs and campus organizations.

How did Woodward help you discover your unique interests and develop them?

My experience at Woodward taught me that my interests do not have to be limited. At Woodward North, it was very common for students to take part in intramural volleyball, have a part in the school musical, and also continue to do well with their schoolwork. This allowed me to continue to pursue my broad range of interests and was something that continued throughout Middle School, where I had the opportunity to play the violin in orchestra while also playing on two sports teams. In Upper School, I had the chance to be a peer leader, work on the yearbook staff, and play varsity golf. This experience of not having to pick just one interest to focus on has taught me to always look for the next opportunity to expand my experiences and not be afraid to try something new.

Are there any special memories/teachers/friendships from your Woodward experience that you would like to share?

Mr. Matt Key’s fifth grade social studies class brought history to life for me. The interactive lessons on American history included role-playing. We were pilgrims who had to sit in a small square on the floor to make it across the ocean and then also soldiers in the Civil War. That class was fun and taught me to look deeper into history and try to see the reality of life for people in the past. This interest makes traveling as well as academics more fun for me. I took Mr. Jon Merrill’s AP Government class my senior year in high school, and it definitely sparked a lifelong interest in American government and politics and was part of the reason I was so excited to attend school in Washington, D.C. The opportunity to engage in debate and learn the ins and outs of the American governmental system was one that I will always appreciate. Being a part of the girls golf team with Coach Pete Fritts throughout high school will always be one of my favorite memories of Woodward. Coach Fritts taught us so much, not just about golf and sportsmanship but also about the value of teamwork and dedication. He creates an environment that demands success and excellence but is also fun. It’s something that I feel privileged to have experienced.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m starting my final year at Georgetown University this fall. I plan to return to Atlanta to work in consulting after graduation.

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International Political Economy, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

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