Veterans Day


Watch the Veterans Day Address to Woodward Academy Upper School students by Maj. Gen. James Livingston, USMC (Ret.), the only living Congressional Medal of Honor recipient from Georgia. 


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Faculty and Staff Who Have Served in the Military

Bo Bobinski, Army

Steven Boston, Navy

Octavius Chatman, Army

Lee Conner, Air Force

Nathan Grau, Army

Kevin Henderson, Army

John Lane, Army

Gregory Mooneyham, Air Force

Tom Owenby, Marine Corps

Dwayne Owensby, Army

Stephanie Stephens, Army

Hudie Toles, Army

Daniel Wages, Army

Adam Williams, Army

Glenn Young, Army

3rd Grade Veterans Day Wall of Honor Project

Student's Name: Riley

Veteran's Name: Wendell Brown & Paul Pressley

Branch of Service: Navy Seaman & Army- DFC

Wendell Brown (Poppy) is my grandfather. He is very funny! We love spending time together and traveling. Paul Pressley is my great-grandfather. He died before I was born. I wish I could have met him. 

Student's Name: Finley

Veteran's Name: Craig Fonton

Branch of Service: US Navy

He was a gunnery officer. That means he was in charge of the big guns on the USS Destroyer. Craig was in the Navy for four years and served in the Vietnam War.

Student's Name: John

Veteran's Name: Nathan Miller (My Daddy)

Branch of Service: Marines

He was a mortar man. He was in the military from 1996-2000. He got to the rank of corporal. He was a rifle expert which is the best.

Student's Name: Aaliyah

Veteran's Name: Herbert Agnew - my uncle

Branch of Service: US Army

My great uncle was 19 years old when he joined the Army. He was stationed in Germany. He went to Desert Storm in February 1990 and was stationed in Saudia Arabia in King Khalid Military City.

Student's Name: Lily

Veteran's Name: Lieutenant Colonel Paul H. Kim

Branch of Service: US Air Force

Lieutenant Colonel Paul H. Kim serves in the United States Air Force. He was stationed in South Korea, Italy, and Hawaii. He was Troop Commander for a humanitarian mission to Vietnam. He is my uncle.

Student's Name: Brandon

Veteran's Name: Luther Davis, Sr - Grandpa

Branch of Service: Army

He served in the army from 1961-1964. He was in the army when the Vietnam war happened. He was stationed in France.

Student's Name: Kiran

Veteran's Name: Tony Bouie - Granddad

Branch of Service: Air Force

His duties as an air force police were to enforce laws, rules, and regulations on the air force based. Also, to serve, and protect the other members who lived on the air force base. Also, to prevent crimes of others.

Student's Name: Annalise

Veteran's Name: Gene Horvath

Branch of Service: US Army 8th Infantry Medical Division

He spent 16 months in Germany with occupation forces. His group took care of soldiers who had accidents during occupation.