Lower School

Woodward students playing violins


Fourth through sixth graders may choose to study violin, viola, cello, and bass at beginning and intermediate levels. Classes meet three times weekly and cover the rudiments of music—recognizing notes, reading rhythms, and making a proper tone on the instrument. Students also work on ensemble skills, such as performing with proper blend, balance, and intonation. With students beginning intensive study at the Lower School, our music program is one of the reasons Woodward is among the best Georgia private schools with performing arts.

Prescilla Chang

Teacher - Orchestra

Orchestra Groups


Fifth and sixth graders of any ability may choose to join Lower School band classes. Students learn to read music and play woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Bands prepare for two full ensemble performances each year, and classes meet three times weekly. Honor Band, available for sixth graders who audition, meets twice weekly during lunch period and performs a more advanced repertoire.

Woodward student playing flute

Valerie Morgan

Director of Lower School Band


Chorus classes are an option for students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Classes meet three times per week, and students perform in December and May. The performance repertoire spans time periods and represents music from diverse cultures and origins. Students receive instruction in reading music and develop good habits for healthy singing, both individually and in ensemble settings. Fifth graders learn to play handbells, which enhances rhythm and note-reading.

Woodward lower school chorus performing

Allison Englert

Teacher - 5th & 6th Grade Chorus, Ensemble & Handbell Choir Director, Teacher - 4th grade Choral Accompanist

"When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another." Helen Keller

Mary Lou Swann

Teacher - 4th Grade Chorus
Lower School

"I love working with children and choirs and children's choirs! My family, friends, and community are important to me. I enjoy travel, learning, reading, watching Masterpiece Theatre on PBS, and spending time with the family at the beach!"

Choral Groups

Woodward lower school dance team


Dance at the Lower School includes an introduction to ballet and modern dance, and all dance students perform in a spring concert. Students in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade may opt to take dance instead of P.E. twice a week. Fifth and sixth graders may audition for Honors Dance, which meets once a week after school.

Dawn Axam

Teacher - Dance