Primary School

Woodward teacher instructing class


Primary School students receive general music instruction twice a week for 40 minutes. We emphasize singing, listening, and movement, and students play classroom rhythm and mallet instruments. Our young students learn about orchestra and band to help prepare them for the possibility of instrumental instruction in Lower School. Our music teachers stage public concerts in December and May involving all students in pre-kindergarten through third grade. Private piano lessons are available weekly at an additional cost.

Ann Edmondson

Teacher, Performing Arts

"I treasure making joyful sounds with other people. Whether it's teaching music to young students in my classroom or conducting a chorus for a group of adults anywhere, I find it fulfilling especially if I'm able to inspire them while creating music together. I also enjoy to travel with my husband overseas to teach and make a difference."

Jason Montague

Teacher, Performing Arts


Primary School students are first exposed to Creative Movement as part of the kindergarten P.E. curriculum. First through third graders may choose to study dance during two of the five P.E. periods offered weekly. First and second graders study ballet and modern dance. In the third grade, we emphasize modern, jazz, and contemporary dance. Dance students showcase their talents in a spring recital each year.

Woodward student jumping

Kadija Holmes

Teacher, Performing Arts
Primary School, Main Campus