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Global Connections

Our Mission

Experience exponential growth through international travel, make a lifelong friend from another country, and even graduate with a diploma distinction through Woodward’s Global Connections program. Our goal is to provide intercultural learning opportunities to support the Academy’s mission of graduating students who are caring and compassionate global citizens. With various on and off-campus opportunities to more deeply learn about our world, engage in intercultural exchange, and develop a global mindset, you’ll expand your understanding and empathy for others. 

You choose your own path and adventure. Options include graduating with a distinction in global studies; school-sponsored international trips, partner school exchanges, and study abroad programs; earning internationally-recognized language certification; hosting or mentoring an international student; and more.

Woodward is one of only eight schools nationwide to achieve a full endorsement from the Global Educational Benchmark Group for model practices in global education. Your experiences in our Global Connections program will give you a greater global perspective and compassion, preparing you to flourish in our ever-evolving, interconnected world. 


Expand Your Global Perspective

I believe that more Americans should consider exploring the possibility of living abroad. I always recommend that U.S. citizens (if they can), particularly high-school and college students, spend time abroad at some point because it forces you to really reckon with your personal values and needs. While most mention culture shock, financial strain or language barriers as some of the common challenges that could come with a move abroad, I believe it forces you to personally examine and determine what you truly deem as valuable in your life. For example, do you feel comfortable missing out on special events back home? Are you okay with the possibility of losing close connections but establishing new intercultural bonds?
Can you manage learning a new language?
La'Nita M. Johnson '10, Education Officer

u.s. agency for international development | usaid/guatemala