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Global Connections

Woodward’s International and Global Connections program was founded in 2014 to enhance your student’s opportunities to gain a deep understanding of the differences that make cultures unique and to discern the similarities that connect us all.

Our program’s special holistic approach encourages students to take advantage of travel and study abroad programs—sometimes for course credit—in a number of countries around the world, including China, France, Costa Rica, Spain, and Italy.

We have partner schools in Australia, Germany, China, and France, as well as very strong ties to the Terranova School in Mazabuka, Zambia, where faculty members and students help with service projects while learning about wildlife conservation and the economic conditions affecting Sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to develop a partner school in the countries of every language we teach.

Each year, we welcome international students to study in our Middle and Upper Schools while staying with host families. In addition, your student may pursue opportunities to spend their junior year or a semester studying abroad with one of our approved study abroad affiliates. Another achievement that makes the Global Connections program at Woodward Academy stand out is we are the first school in Atlanta to become a testing center for language proficiency certifications. This enables our students to attend universities abroad and eventually, find work in the countries of their language.

Worldwide Opportunities

I believe that more Americans should consider exploring the possibility of living abroad. I always recommend that U.S. citizens (if they can), particularly high-school and college students, spend time abroad at some point because it forces you to really reckon with your personal values and needs. While most mention culture shock, financial strain or language barriers as some of the common challenges that could come with a move abroad, I believe it forces you to personally examine and determine what you truly deem as valuable in your life. For example, do you feel comfortable missing out on special events back home? Are you okay with the possibility of losing close connections but establishing new intercultural bonds?
Can you manage learning a new language?
La'Nita M. Johnson '10, Education Officer

u.s. agency for international development | usaid/guatemala

Davis Balser