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Woodward North project-based learning in the makerspace

In a world where free-floating facts often dominate traditional education, Woodward Academy takes a different approach. We believe in nurturing whole-child education through dynamic, hands-on experiences. Our students don't just memorize facts; they apply them to real-world scenarios, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for success in today's society

Week of Understanding 2024

March 18-26 marked Woodward’s Week of Understanding, an annual event focused on promoting diversity, connection, and empathy. The 2024 theme was “forgiveness.”

Lower School Hosts a Pop-Up Museum for Black History Month

On Feb. 21, Woodward's Lower School hosted a pop-up Black History Month museum in the school's library. Students played the part of famous Black individuals and helped visitors by detailing their accomplishments and their historical significance.