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Beyond the Gate

Meet the New
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The audience for the new site is primarily prospective families researching schools. Current Woodward parents will continue to use the Parent Portal as your one-stop resource for all your needs—checking students’ progress, keeping track of school calendars and announcements, contacting teachers, and more. And faculty and staff can continue to access everything they need on the Employee Portal

The fully redesigned site marks the culmination of almost a year of research, development, and implementation by Woodward’s Marketing & Communications department. Many factors drove the redesign, the most important being that after seven years, it was time to update to a more modern website design. Further, as you know, information for Woodward students, staff, and parents had gradually moved to the dedicated portals over the past few years.

Visitors will notice a more unified design and smoother navigation. The new site also introduces Our Stories, a collection of profiles in which students and teachers define the Woodward experience in their own words. These profiles make it easier for prospective students and their parents to imagine themselves at Woodward. Over time, we’ll continue to add more profiles of Woodward’s amazing students and teachers.

If you have questions about the new website, feel free to reach out to us at

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Your child’s education is a unique journey of growth, enlightenment, and exploration as they find their way into the world. At Woodward, we provide the compass for that journey.