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Beyond the Gate

Parent Chairs for The Woodward Fund Share Their Story

Parents of an alum and a current senior, LaKesha and Rick Robinson are co-chairs of The Woodward Fund for 2023-2024. As we near the midway point of the fALLIN for WA parent fundraising campaign, Eagle Eye spoke with the couple about why they give their time, talent, and treasure to the Academy.


Tell us about your children’s journey through Woodward and where they are now?

Our Woodward journey began 12 years ago when Blake entered 1st grade and Bailey started 4th grade. They pursued opportunities in the arts (in orchestra and band), athletics, and clubs and organizations that suited their interests and rounded them as young learners. We found friendships, amazing and caring faculty, staff, and administrators, and an extended family we truly appreciate. Our journey is nearing an end as Bailey graduated in 2021 and is having an incredible college experience at the University of Southern California, and Blake graduates in the spring.


Why is it important for all parents to support The Woodward Fund?

Sending our children to Woodward was one of the greatest investments we have made. Supporting The Woodward Fund is an extension of that investment. After 12 years in the Woodward community, we are convinced the Academy is intentional about fulfilling its mission and vision. Parent support of The Woodward Fund demonstrates our partnership in the pursuit of an unparalleled, enriching, and full preK-12 academic experience. 


Volunteering in your capacity as chairs is a gift of your time and talents. Why do you feel it’s important to serve in this way?

Service to a community we love is a core value of our family, and our hope is to connect people to Woodward’s mission through our service. The Woodward community has been a gift to our family. We want to see it thrive and have others benefit in similar ways to our children. The more people are willing to share the message about the importance of the fund, the more we find similarities in our stories.


Why did you choose Woodward for your children’s education?

Woodward was an obvious choice in the independent school space in Atlanta for us because it served our entire family! Bailey and Blake were in different schools before we transitioned to Woodward. We were looking for a place where they could have an academic and cocurricular journey that suited their unique needs and interests. Woodward has exceeded our expectations in offering each of them a space to flourish.


Tell us more about yourselves and your background.

Rick and I are college sweethearts, and we have called Atlanta home for about 30 years. We are devoted members of many communities we serve including our church, alma maters, and the Woodward community. Rick is the owner and CEO of a national security and technology firm, and I am a trained epidemiologist and former nonprofit executive who now devotes more time to my family and personal interests outside of the workforce.


What would you say to encourage your fellow parents to give to The Woodward Fund? 

Time, talent, and treasure are key components to parent support of the Academy! The Woodward Fund offers parents the opportunity to share our treasure to impact the student experience and partner with Woodward in its pursuit of excellence!

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