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Students Pass International Language Proficiency Exams

Congratulations to the following students who passed their international language exams:

DELF (French)
Kian Carey, A2
Carson Connors, A1
Chance Carter, A2
Brookie Chaney, A2
Clary Dunaway, B1
Francesca Henderson, B1
Will Hightower, A2
Drew Lindelow, B1
Steven Marcet, A1
Callie Mitchell, B1
Jonathan Moore, A2
Danny Morrison, A2
Lasya Paladugu, A2
Ether Pilgrim, A1
Gary Reagan, A1
Anna Schwartz, B1
Andrejs Smith, A2
Anisa Suffren-Crumby, A2
Louis Sullivan, A1
Chido Uzoije, A2
Sadler Wilson, A2
Sydney Woodroof, B1
Nour Youssef, B1

DELE (Spanish)
Rylee Pachman, A2
Haarika Palacharla, B1
Ritesh Sachdeva, A2
Shreya Surapaneni, A2
Gabrielle Tyndall, A2
Sydney Woodroof, A2

HSK (Chinese)
Kai Zhao, Level 5

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