Interview with US teacher Elizabeth Burbridge on LGBTQ+ work at Woodward

Elizabeth Burbridge is the faculty adviser for the Intersectional Feminism club at Woodward, has participated in gender discussions during Week of Understanding, and participated in the Pride parade when WA's Sexualities and Gender Alliance marched last year. We caught up with her to ask a couple questions about those topics...

Woodward Service Learning

Last week, the Upper School participated in its first ever "All In" Week of Service, giving US students and WA Serves members the opportunity to experience what the Upper School's service learning and community engagement program has to offer...

Woodward Travels The World

As part of our Global Connections program, our Middle School and Upper School students have countless opportunities to travel the globe and learn about the many different cultures and societies around the world. Check out pictures and posts from the summer abroad below...

Middle School leadership team

Woodward Academy has a new leadership team in the Middle School this year, and we thought it'd be a nice idea to put together a Q&A with the new leaders to let you get to know them...

football field

This weekend, Woodward will honor several players and teams from its storied athletic history with induction into the Woodward Academy Athletic Hall of Fame. The event will take place this Saturday in the Tyler H. Brown '96 Student Center at 11 a.m. 

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

We're so excited to start another wonderful year at Woodward, and welcome all of our students and faculty back to campus! We had a great first week (or, at least, first three days) of school, and we can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store...

Malachi Robinson, Commencement Speaker

Despite threatening weather forecasts, Woodward managed to celebrate its 2019 graduates under relatively blue skies on May 11. The ceremony was beautiful as always, but it was marked in particular by an excellent student speech from Malachi Robinson. The soon-to-be Harvard student has excelled throughout his time at Woodward in speech and debate, and he brought that persuasive and poetic style to the graduation stage on Saturday. Enjoy video of the speech and full text below...

North Students Blindfolded during Orchestra

Earlier this spring, teachers at Woodward North collaborated on a cross-curricular project during the 2nd grade's Helen Keller unit to help teach the children about empathy. Check out our interview of the teachers and the video project they put together about the unit below...

Class of 2013 graduation

Dr. Jonathan Merrill, Woodward's Upper School principal, offered his thoughts on the Class of 2019 in this week's Upper Update. Congratulations to all graduates! We're so excited for what the future holds...

Seniors Buddies with Primary School kids

Every year, we send our seniors off from their final week of classes at Woodward with an array of fun activities. Check out pictures and posts from the week's events...

Woodward Neighborhood Trail

For our upcoming issue of the Woodward magazine, themed around all the developments in “the Woodward neighborhood,” we sat down with Cookie Smoak, President of the ATL Airport District Convention and Visitors Bureau. She outlined three new, incredible trail systems in the works for the area surrounding Main Campus, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Experience the Arts Day

Every year, Experience the Arts Day provides students of all ages an opportunity to truly immerse themselves in artistic pursuits. Our student painters, sculptors, artists, dancers, musicians, singers, and more perform their crafts in front of and inside Richardson Hall, and other students from each of our schools spend some time walking through and taking in the array of canvases, art boards, sculptures, pottery, and more dotting the landscape....

Woodward Experiences My Mind Matters Week

This week, Woodward participated in My Mind Matters (M3) Week. M3 is Woodward's Mental Health Awareness initiative created to empower and educate students in an effort to "stop the stigma and start the conversation."

Week of Understanding Festival pic

Our Week of Understanding is an annual opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to dive deeper into the differences that make our community and humanity great, but that also can provide a pretext for unnecessary division. Education about what makes us all different is an important step in the march toward acceptance and love, and this week is our concentrated attempt at pushing that educational journey along...

Service learning at Woodward

Hear from David-Aaron Roth '10, Upper School English Teacher and Service Learning Coordinator, about Woodward's new app for students, Helper Helper, and the ways in which this tech tool is helping to better connect our students with meaningful service learning experiences. Enjoy!

Woodward Fund blog post

This year, to thank donors to The Woodward Fund, we reached out to our students to share a little bit about what they loved about Woodward, in their own words. Their responses were too good not to share with you all. Thank you for everything you do for the Academy!

WA student at Notre Dame Cathedral

We'd like to wish everyone in the Woodward community a fun and safe spring break. Doing anything fun? Share pictures on social media using #woodwardway so they will show up in our Social Stream. In the meantime, check out some of the happenings at Woodward over the last week...

magazine archive

We're very excited to show off our new digital magazine archive -- encompassing each magazine from the last 13 years at Woodward. If you want to page back through old class notes or just take a moment to look at all the different ways the Academy has changed in just the last decade, this archive is here for you to use..

What Do You Love About Your Woodward Family?

Putting our own spin on Valentine's Day, we put this question to all members of our community: what do you love about your particular Woodward family? Parents, faculty, and students of all ages chimed in via our survey with their thoughts...

College Knowledge Day at Emory University

The Butterknife is our student-led newsletter that is emailed out regularly throughout the school year. Below is an excerpt from the most recent Butterknife, describing the recent College Knowledge Day, where juniors learned about the admissions process and visited local colleges and universities.

Primary School student

This is National School Counselor Week, and in that spirit, we decided to talk to one of our newest school counselors, Kelli Watling, who is midway through her first year as the Primary School counselor...

We Are Family -- Woodward Magazine

Woodward families vary in nearly every way imaginable, but we all share some common beliefs -- that family means unconditional love, and we want happiness for our kids as well as academic success. For the fall/winter edition of Woodward Magazine, we spoke to parents and students about the idea of Woodward as a family school and what they love about our community. Here's a peak inside at one of the stories in the magazine: Upper School dean of students Anthony Thomas and his children, Cameron and Kendall..

Ron Brill and wife

Ron M. Brill loves Woodward Academy and believes strongly in the school’s ability to develop students into ethical problem solvers who understand the perspectives of others and create positive change——the kind of leaders the world needs. For his 75th birthday, Mr. Brill’s family honored him and his legacy by establishing the Ron M. Brill Chair for Ethical Leadership Development...

Creative Learners book cover

Woodward's Transition program has become one of the unique factors that makes a Woodward education so special, and it is in large part due to the foundational work put in place by former Director of the Transition Program Selma Ridgway. Now, Ridgway is looking to reach an even broader audience in her lifelong mission to champion those with learning differences...

Happy Holidays from Woodward!

We want to wish everyone in the Woodward community a very pleasant and relaxing winter break! Our younger students had a fun-filled week of class parties, concerts, and more, while our older students made their way through exams. Check out pictures and posts from the week at Woodward as we wrapped up school below...

Woodward students, the Bernard triplets, featured in the WA magazine

For the Woodward magazine, we spoke to students and parents about the idea of the Academy as a family school and what they love about our community. We learned that, although they’re all different, our families share common reasons why they’ve found a home at Woodward. To get an idea of what you’ll see in the magazine, meet the Bernard triplets, Hannah, Haley, and Hope...

Happy Thanksgiving from Woodward!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful families! We are so grateful for our Woodward community and everyone in it. What are you thankful for? Share on social media and use #woodwardway!

Woodward Honors Its Veterans

Earlier today, we honored our veterans with our annual Veterans Day ceremony in Gresham Chapel and Memorial Plaza...

Another Spooky Halloween at Woodward This Year

Yesterday was one of our favorite days at Woodward every year, Halloween! Our Primary School and Woodward North went all-out with full Halloween parades, and our Lower School got in on the act with a pajama day. ..

Woodward Part of Hodges Family DNA

As #fALLINforWA--the parent campaign for The Woodward Fund--continues through November 9, Jo Cranford Hodges ‘96 and Kevin Hodges ‘96 share some reflections on what Woodward means to them and their family...

Broadening Our Understanding of the World With Service Learning

Service learning is a key part of the Woodward experience, and we recently sat down with David Roth, Upper School English teacher and Service Learning Coordinator, to talk more about his experiences with service learning, the importance of empathy, and how he sees service learning growing at Woodward...

Woodward Community Builds Sukkah for Jewish Holiday

On a Sunday in September, members of the Woodward community came together to build a sukkah on campus in celebration of Sukkot, a major Jewish festival held in the autumn to celebrate the gathering of the harvest and commemorate the sheltering of the Israelites in the wilderness when they left Egypt...

Campaign Takes Aim At Idling On Campus

Idling your car is bad for your car and bad for the environment, according to senior Adin Burwell, who has a bit of a PSA for those of us who idle our cars on campus...

Dreaming Out Loud S.T.E.A.M. Event

On August 30, the Woodward Robotics team, known as W.A.Robotics, participated in the Dreaming Out Loud S.T.E.A.M. event, where they learned many valuable lessons about science, technology, and teamwork...

Eight Tips for Selecting a College Major and Career

Advice on college majors, careers, and leading a productive life is everywhere, and we all have our favorite words of wisdom. Recently, I read these by Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” These words inspire and provoke; how should students answer the call?

Start Building STEAM Skills in the Early Grades

Parents today are constantly hearing how important it is for kids to learn STEAM skills, so they often focus on finding middle and high schools with strong programs. But it’s critical to start early. What should parents look for in STEAM programs for young children?

New Developments in Upper School Computer Science, Engineering, and Robotics

Recently, we caught up with Shelley Carter, Upper School computer science teacher, who comes to Woodward having received her degree in chemical engineering from Hampton University, after which she worked in the industry as a Radiological Control Engineer. Read on to learn a lot more about Ms. Carter and developments in Woodward STEM!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

We're so excited to have everyone back on campus, and we're looking forward to another year of excellence, character, and opportunity here at Woodward. Our first week was packed. Take a look at some of the photos posted on social media throughout the week.

Happy Summer, Woodward Family!

We hope you all have a wonderful summer, and we look forward to seeing you back on campus in August. If you are doing anything fun over the summer months, please post pictures on social media and use #woodwardway to show up in the social stream on our website...

Is Big Brother Watching You?

Applying the best techniques for educating today's students, Margaret Lee's AP English class used their study of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy to investigate broader themes in today's society...

Seniors End Classes With Week of Fun

Our seniors finished off classes with tons of fun this week, celebrating their final day of classes on Tuesday with the second annual Senior Drip Day, then following that up with a trip to the Primary School to meet their Primary School pen pals and join them in Field Day, and then wrapping up the week with Spring Fling and Last Blast on Thursday.

Experience The Arts Day 2018

This week marked our favorite day of the year -- Experience the Arts Day! Check out some of the photos and videos of our students creating beautiful art in front of Richardson Hall...

What Teachers Wish Parents and Students Knew

Last month, we posed a question to some of our teachers: what do you wish parents or students knew? We loved the answers so much that we decided to share them in full with you...

Week of Understanding Builds Bridges

This year’s Week of Understanding featured several events designed to build bridges and understanding across our community. Panels on offensive language and identity groups exposed students and faculty to differing experiences within our community and facilitated conversation about race, religion, sexual identity, and inclusivity in general.

Carlos Library Sponsoring Black History Month Exhibit

In celebration of Black History Month in February of 2018, Woodward's Carlos Library will be sponsoring a traveling exhibit and workshop entitled "Georgia's Great African Americans of Achievement" developed by The Heritage Project...

What Do Eagles Do When it Snows?

In light of the winter weather this week (and our communication team's own relative boredom while sitting at home!) we were struck by a question: what do (war) eagles do when it snows?

Terranova Sends Letters of Appreciation

Woodward Academy has built a strong sister school relationship with Terranova, a public school in Zambia, and this December, Terranova students sent letters of thanks to the Woodward community...

It's the Holiday Season at Woodward!

Starting with a snow day last weekend and ending with the holiday concerts and parties at the end of this week, it's been a fun-filled last week of school at Woodward...

A Very Kazakhstan Thanksgiving

Lower and Middle School orchestra teacher Danny Bermel had an exceptional Thanksgiving this year; he traveled to Kazakhstan where he visited and lectured at the Almaty International School (AIS), as well as soloed in a performance of one of his original compositions...

Students Immersed in Art at Oxbow School

Two Woodward seniors, Anna Freeman '18 and Jack Kostyshen '18, attended the Oxbow School, a semester program in Napa, California, that focuses on studio artmaking and interdisciplinary humanities...

Trekking Through The Wilderness

Upper School English teacher Jenifer Baro spent some time this summer on a long backpacking trip through the mountains of northern New Mexico with her son's Boy Scout troop...

Woodward Celebrates Halloween 2017

We had a phenomenal Halloween at Woodward, with students throughout the Academy celebrating the day's events. In the Primary School, we had our annual Halloween parade, which was full of witches, superheroes, ghosts, and plenty of other cute critters. Check out pictures and posts from the day below...

Reflections on Visiting with Civil Rights Legend, James Meredith

On October 26, the "Landmark Supreme Court Cases: Civil Liberties" class and the leadership of the Black Student Union went to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights to hear from one of the icons of the Civil Rights Movement, Mr. James Meredith...

Woodward Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Woodward participated in Red Ribbon Week, and there were many interactive educational opportunities for students throughout the week, all with the goal of raising drug awareness...

Camp Tumbling Waters: A Rite of Passage for Sixth Graders

The sixth grade trip to Camp Tumbling Waters is a fall tradition at Woodward Academy. For two nights and three days, all sixth graders from Main Campus and Woodward North travel to North Georgia for an experience to remember. Lower School English teacher Roger Bertossi followed up the trip with a writing assignment. So you can share in the fun, we're sharing a few here on Beyond the Gate.

Woodward Celebrates Homecoming 2017

Our Homecoming 2017 festivities were a blast today, as students, faculty, and staff participated in a parade around campus, followed by a ceremony honoring the Homecoming Court in front of Richardson Hall


Woodward's Carrie Edmison Talks Ben Johnson Professorship

Two Woodward Academy teachers—Carrie Edmison in the Primary School and Jennifer Green in the Upper School—were awarded the Ben F. Johnson Professorship this fall to recognize their outstanding, innovative work in the classroom...

Studying Ecology in Costa Rica

Nine Upper School students traveled to Costa Rica this past summer to learn about Costa Rican ecology in a hands-on, interactive way...

Summer Trail Blazing

Woodward's Bo Bobinski spent part of the summer embracing the outdoors by helping to maintain the Appalachian Trail with two different work crews...

What's New At Woodward in 2017-18

Woodward is introducing several new and exciting initiatives in the 2017-18 school year that should further enhance the mission of the Academy...

President's Message on Charlottesville

Following the events in Charlottesville last week, Dr. Gulley sent out this message to Woodward employees about the importance of our mission to educate the next generation...

Woodward's Summer Visit To Terranova

The Terranova school has been in partnership with Woodward Academy since 2004 and, even though there are miles between the schools, both communities have fostered Woodward Upper School students' fundraising efforts and trips to Terranova every summer...

Indoor Fun at Pre-K Field Day

It was a rainy day at Woodward today, which forced our pre-K students to move indoors for their Field Day. Thankfully, the wet day did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm, as they participated in a variety of races and more in the Primary School gym.

Raising Awareness With A Day Of Silence

Last Friday, Woodward's Gay-Straight Alliance and the Woodward Equality Alliance (WEA) led the school in a Day of Silence to raise awareness about LGBT+ issues...

Woodward Experiences The Arts

Experience the Arts Day is 36 years old and counting, but the annual Woodward tradition is more imaginative and awe-inspiring than ever...

War Eagle Watch: Brennan McDaniel Q&A

Senior basketball player Brennan McDaniel is moving on to the University of Chicago this fall after putting together two excellent years at Woodward as both a student and an athlete.

Hate Won't Win Founder Speaks at Lower School

Alana Simmons visited the Lower School during the Week of Understanding to share the story of Hate Won't Win, the movement that grew out of the tragic shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., which resulted in the deaths of her grandfather and eight other worshippers. Instead of hating the shooter, white supremacist Dylann Roof, family members of survivors offered forgiveness.

Woodward Hosts National Debate Championships

Woodward Academy hosted the 30th Annual First and Second Year National Debate Championships the weekend of March 17-19. Approximately 200 students from 47 schools and 18 states traveled to Woodward for an intense three days of competition.

Dispatches From The Middle School Eurotrip

Middle School assistant principal and science teacher George Dietz bravely traveled to Europe with a group of Middle School students over spring break -- and lived to tell the tale. He shared his daily thoughts with us via email...

Crafting A High School Resume

Strategizing for college admission doesn't have to be a chore, nor does it have to empty your bank account. The solutions are right at our fingertips and can be a healthy, fun companion to learning and growing up. Woodward Direct of College Counseling Bryan Rutledge takes students through many of those strategies in this informative piece...

Chihuly at the Primary School

Woodward Academy Primary School students put together an art exhibition inspired by Dale Chihuly in mid-February, and at the event, they unveiled a beautiful chandelier inspired by his work.

Protect the Pangolins

Two students in Woodward's Upper School Environmental Studies course have taken on a Pangolin Awareness Project as part of a unit focused on natural resource conflict and exploitation in Africa. They sat down with us to discuss the plight of the pangolins.

Learning to Code in Primary School

In December, students across Woodward, including Primary School students, engaged in the Hour of Code, which is just one small part of Woodward's efforts to increase technology education.

Prelude to Black History Month: Students View 'Hidden Figures'

Woodward sixth graders went on a field trip to experience a private viewing of "Hidden Figures," a film based on the true story of the lives of brilliant female African American mathematicians at NASA who made crucial contributions to the space race of the early 1960s, including the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit.

Student Entrepreneur—Do What You Love

Beyond the Gate sat down with Woodward Academy senior Aaron Brown to learn more about his business, Tin Toy Arcade. In December, his company was featured in The Wall Street Journal's Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Nostalgic Finds. The guide featured 50 retro gifts, one of which included a 1950s Cyborg of Yore from Aaron's website, The gift link from the Wall Street Journal guide produced the busiest and most successful day for Aaron's store.

Elizabeth Burbridge: Social Studies Teacher and Scholar

Upper School social studies teacher and Middle School Debate Coach Elizabeth Burbridge recently sat down with Beyond the Gate to discuss her background and her recently published essay in Nursing Clio—an open access, peer-reviewed, collaborative blog project that ties historical scholarship to present-day issues related to gender and medicine. Ms. Burbridge's essay, "Dorothy Bruce Weske: Academia and Motherhood in the Mid-Twentieth Century," explored how mothers can continue to produce scholarly work while outside of traditional academia.

Saving the Planet, One Student at a Time

Upper School science teachers Monica Kuhlman and Jessica Hubbard shared some background and philosophies on how Woodward is educating a new generation to apply their skills, passion, and scientific aptitudes to saving the planet.

Rediscovering Gratitude in Haiti

In this season for gratitude, Nan Banks recounts how a mission trip to Haiti opened her eyes and changed her perspective.

Haiti has limited medical services, so my husband and I were asked to serve on a medical/surgical mission trip in November with I Am Haiti, an organization serving churches and orphans. The organization had identified a need for urological surgical services in Fort Liberte. My husband, a urologist, volunteered, and I came along to serve as pre- and post-op nurse.

Student For A Day

Upper School German teacher Ben Shivers shadowed Woodward junior August Stowers for a day to see Woodward from a new perspective -- that of an Upper School student. He shared his experience and how it might help him become a better teacher with Beyond the Gate.

Embracing Differences: Experiencing the Commonalities Among Faiths

Just a few short weeks ago, a small group of students and faculty took part in Woodward's first interfaith immersion weekend. On Friday, October 28, this small group boarded a bus outside the chapel, both uncertain and eager about the experiences that would await them. Each member of the group was given a small notepad to write about their thoughts, fears, and excitements before fully embarking on this journey. To be honest, I had my own butterflies fluttering inside of me. After months of planning, I was so excited for students to experience traditions outside of their own. I had such high hopes of witnessing individuals develop deeper religious understanding for traditions so often misunderstood in our society.

Six Common Sense Ways to Afford College

How can I make Ways to Afford College hopeful and helpful, fun and funny? For some, this subject has all the appeal of a dental implant. What words can I summon to anesthetize your pain, perhaps with a little laughing gas? You have no doubt been drilled with data about robust college costs vis a vis anemic buying power, needled by swollen loans and aching interest rates, and presented the bill of rising college tuition. Sit back, breathe, and don't flinch. I'll be that cheerful, painless dentist who shares with you clear, no-nonsense solutions that won't cost a cent. My dentist has a sign on his wall that reads, "Floss only the teeth you want to keep." My version is "Only take financial advice if you want to save money."

A Conversation with Chaplain K

Woodward Chaplain Katie Kilpatrick is a model of grace and kindness to her students as well as a champion triathlete in her spare time. Beyond the Gate caught up with her about her recent race in Mexico.

Woodward North is Dotty!

Children in all grades enjoyed The Dot's lessons about the importance of creativity, self-confidence, perseverance, mindset, and passion. It is wonderful to see 10- and 11-year-olds just having fun with learning.

Girls Golf Team Travels to Scotland for Championships

Fresh off their fifth state golf championship in May, the varsity girls golf team traveled to Scotland for the American High School (AHS) Golf Championships in St. Andrews, the birthplace of golf. The Woodward team—Ayanna Habeel, Teagan Fritts, Nyah Hawkins-Harrison, Kate Pounders, Katie Dorton, Jakari Harris, Susannah Cole, and Maya Foreman, accompanied by Head Coach Pete Fritts and Sue Fritts as chaperones—competed on three different courses over three days.

Discovering Limitless Possibilities through Compassion

Upper School art teacher Jennifer Knox '95 traveled to India in the spring and to Indianapolis in the summer as part of a group working with with the Dalai Lama on the Emory-Tibet Partnership's K-12 Secular Ethics in Education (SEE) Curriculum. We had a conversation with Jennifer to learn her personal impressions of the experience.

Woodward Debate Team Travels to Washington, D.C.

Seven students from the Woodward Academy debate team traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in debates about the role of surveillance in every day life. The trip was the culmination of a year spent researching every aspect of the topic and debating both sides of the argument. The Woodward students met with members of Congress after the event, including Senator Isakson from Georgia.

Sustainability at Woodward: Jane Woodruff Hall Wins Gold LEED Status

Woodward Academy's new humanities building, Jane Woodruff Hall, received Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Jane Woodruff Hall opened in August 2014 and became the second Woodward building to qualify for Gold LEED status this spring, joining the Joseph H. Moss Hall. Brand-Tucker Hall, the Middle School classroom building, qualified for LEED Silver Certification.

Innovating with Breakout EDU at the Primary School

Second and third graders have been engaging in Breakout EDU, an exciting new activity that teaches teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Primary School Technology Specialist Ryan Heming and Media Specialist Amy Walker worked together to create Breakout challenges in which students must work together and race against the clock to solve puzzles to find hidden keys that unlock boxes around the classroom. The challenges can incorporate a range of subject matter and engage students' math and reading skills as well as their natural drive to problem-solve. It's also exciting - with students moving around the room and having fun while learning. Mr. Heming and Mrs. Walker shared with Beyond the Gate some of the results of the Breakout sessions.

Woodward Hosts its First Model UN Conference

Forty-seven students from Woodward's Upper School, Paideia School, and Alpharetta's Amana Academy gathered on Main Campus February 12 to participate in the first Woodward Academy Model United Nations conference. In Model UN, students act as delegates from different countries and role play their perspectives and national interests in United Nations committee sessions.

Woodward Hosts Culture Guest

As a tour guide for the American Council for International Studies (ACIS), Angélique Vincent has gotten to know Woodward Academy well by serving as a guide to student groups during their travels in Europe since 2011. Recently, she paid her first visit to us, making the journey from her home in Paris to Woodward's Main Campus as a culture guest to expand students' horizons through direct contact with another world culture and language.

Seventh Graders Build Prosthetic Hands

Dr. Mesa Davis's seventh grade science classes were assigned a competition called "Are You Handy?" in which they designed and built prosthetic hands. Students had to build a model of the hand using common, household materials. They were encouraged to re-engineer their hands and switch out materials as they saw fit. The project had to maintain the structural integrity of a real hand (four fingers, one thumb, etc.).

Discovering the Transition of Africans to Americans through Dance

Part of my Multicultural, Ethnic, Diversity Studies (MEDS) class involves engaging students in the universal language of music and dance. During the month of January and into February, the students in my class learned about the transition of Africans to Americans.

Sustainability at Woodward Academy: Gardening at the Middle School

Sustainability at Woodward is about thoughtfully optimizing resources to honor our history, fulfill our present needs, provide for the future, and execute our mission of education. It is a process that takes place at every level of our institution. This fall at the Middle School, Dr. Mesa Davis' students participated in our sustainability efforts by engaging in a planting project that was both educational and fun. Enjoy these reflections on the project from seventh graders Mia Carson and Taneesha Jhanjee.


In this busy time leading into the end of fall semester and the holiday season, I often find it hard to remember all that I am thankful for. I know that I am always thankful for all my blessings, but it can be hard to bring that gratitude to the forefront in the midst of such a busy time.

Share Your Woodward Story | #ApplyWA

Fall is the time of year when we share the Woodward story with prospective new families. This month, we're hosting group tours and preparing for our Main Campus Open House on Nov. 1 and our Woodward North Open House on Nov. 8.

President Gulley On  Newstalk 1160

Our Academy was the talk of the town on last weekend's broadcast of "Atlanta's Business" on Newstalk 1160. President Gulley sat down with the radio station's Vice President and General Manager Jeff Davis for a conversation about the Woodward Difference.

Embracing Differences: Finding Home and Family at Woodward

After completing my bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science in Romania, I came to the United States on July 11, 2004, as an exchange teacher, looking for new challenges and opportunities to improve myself as a professional educator. I spent three years teaching middle school in Columbia, South Carolina. In January 2007, I interviewed with former Woodward Headmaster Ron McCollum, and he hired me right away, helping me and guiding me every step of the way.

Links We Love Friday | 09.18.15
It may be September, but we've been basking in the memories of summer travel in our first set of featured posts on our Global Connections. From our students like Zach Orig who spent time in Santander to our Upper School choir members who brought beautiful music to Europe, the stories of how the Academy has stretched its reach around the world are phenomenal. However, our interest in how we are all connected across the globe is not limited to travel—or just to Woodward's place in the grand scheme.
Success Beyond Woodward: College Counseling
Greetings from Woodward Academy College Counseling! I joined the Woodward Academy College Counseling team as director in July. Summer was the perfect time to make my way around Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama, visiting many of the colleges and universities popular with Woodward Academy students and parents.
International Programs Expanding
Our International and Global Connections program is perhaps the most wide-ranging program of its kind in independent schools in Georgia. Our program continues to expand in depth and breadth as we welcome international students and provide increasing study abroad opportunities for domestic students. As we start a new school year, I want to share an update. . .
Singing in Switzerland
On May 27, 2015, members of the Upper School Choir headed to the airport for an overnight flight to Amsterdam and then on to Zurich, Switzerland. In Zurich, we connected with our tour guide, Angelique Vincent. Like 40 ducklings trailing through the Zurich airport, we found our way outside to our private motor coach and on to our hotel for a nice dinner and much-needed rest.
Summer in Santander
I was a participant in the Santander Summer 2 program through SPI High School Study Abroad from June 26-July 12. Knowing absolutely nobody, I went into the program with an open mind and came out knowing so many great people that I am more than happy to call my friends. I saw so many amazing sights and shared so many great memories with the people in my program.
Chikwe's Story
Chikwe Muluwe is a 24-year-old Zambian male, an orphan, and a graduate of The Terranova School. Zambia is filled with people from circumstances like Chikwe, but many of them do not have the opportunity for education that he has enjoyed thanks to Terranova, the Julia Burke Foundation, and Woodward Academy.
Embracing Differences: Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity is not just skin deep at Woodward. With students from more than 20 metro Atlanta counties and different religious, racial, and ethnic groups, as well as varied socioeconomic backgrounds, Woodward truly is a scale model of both Atlanta and the world.
Commitment to Service: Community and Social Justice
At Woodward, service to others is part of our DNA. Our students devote more than 5,000 hours to service projects annually. Our focus on service allows us to create a sense of community and educate students about social justice locally, nationally, and globally. Service experiences help shape our students into critical thinkers and ethical problem solvers. Because our alumni carry these experiences with them, Woodward makes the world a better place.
Wise Guidance: Academic Excellence
Each day, our classrooms and hallways buzz with the intellectual energy of more than 2,600 students engaged in lively dialogue with their teachers and each other. Our students are engaged in every kind of subject matter as well as current events and emerging contemporary issues. Our approach to academic excellence embraces the concept of teaching not just "what" but "why."
Success Beyond Woodward: Preparing Our Students
Today's high school graduates face a world of uncertainties—economic, political, social, environmental. At Woodward, we make certain our students are ready—with a sure sense of who they are as people, as thinkers, as members of a diverse, dynamic community, and as citizens of a complex and evolving world. That is why our college counseling program strives to help students find the college or university that best matches their individual strengths and interests. Our talented team of college counselors have one goal in mind—to help students achieve both happiness and success in their college choice.

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