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Woodward Hosts National Debate Championships
Maggie Berthiaume, Director of Debate

Woodward Academy hosted the 30th Annual First and Second Year National Debate Championships the weekend of March 17-19. Approximately 200 students from 47 schools and 18 states traveled to Woodward for an intense three days of competition.

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Dispatches From The Middle School Eurotrip
George Dietz, Middle School Assistant Principal

Middle School assistant principal and science teacher George Dietz bravely traveled to Europe with a group of Middle School students over spring break -- and lived to tell the tale. He shared his daily thoughts with us via email...

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Crafting A High School Resume
Bryan Rutledge, Director of College Counseling

Strategizing for college admission doesn't have to be a chore, nor does it have to empty your bank account. The solutions are right at our fingertips and can be a healthy, fun companion to learning and growing up. Woodward Direct of College Counseling Bryan Rutledge takes students through many of those strategies in this informative piece...

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Beyond the Gate: The Woodward Academy Blog is a gathering place for our community members to share all of the remarkable things happening at Woodward in the classroom and beyond. Our talented faculty and staff will share their ideas and philosophies as well as news about the programs and activities that make the Academy special. We’ll also hear from students, alumni, parents, and other members of the War Eagle family. We invite you to explore and share your comments!

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