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remote learning middle school

Working from home has been an adjustment for so many people throughout the world, whether they're lawyers, marketing professionals, or teachers. The same has been true for students, but we've been so very impressed with how adaptable ours have been throughout this process. Today, we'll check in with Middle School students about how they're adjusting...

New Developments in Upper School Computer Science, Engineering, and Robotics

Recently, we caught up with Shelley Carter, Upper School computer science teacher, who comes to Woodward having received her degree in chemical engineering from Hampton University, after which she worked in the industry as a Radiological Control Engineer. Read on to learn a lot more about Ms. Carter and developments in Woodward STEM!



Experience the Arts Day
Beyond the Gate Editors

Every year, Experience the Arts Day provides students of all ages an opportunity to truly immerse themselves in artistic pursuits. Our student painters, sculptors, artists, dancers, musicians, singers, and more perform their crafts in front of and inside Richardson Hall, and other students from each of our schools spend some time walking through and taking in the array of canvases, art boards, sculptures, pottery, and more dotting the landscape....

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