Alumna Helps Faculty and Staff Get Vaccinations

Alumna Helps Faculty and Staff Get Vaccinations

When Georgia opened up its COVID-19 vaccination access to teachers and staff in March, Woodward got some help from a familiar face.

Dawn Sasine ’94 is the pharmacist at Tuxedo Pharmacy and Gifts in Atlanta, which her family has owned for 40 years. She had access to the vaccine and reached out to the Academy to offer to run a vaccination clinic.

On March 9, faculty members and some staff were able to receive their first dose of the Moderna vaccine, with second doses coming in early April.

“Tuxedo Pharmacy has been hosting clinics for several months now in long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, senior living highrises, and housing developments,” Sasine said. “Because of this experience, we have figured out the logistics required to run efficient clinics.”

Sasine enlisted Mercer University and University of Georgia pharmacy students to assist with the clinics. And then the Woodward nursing staff monitored people post-vaccination to make sure no one had an adverse reaction.

Sasine said that as soon as the pharmacy had access to the vaccine, it became her mission to get it out into the community as quickly as possible—meaning right after each shipment comes in. She partnered with Fulton County in this work.

“While the Governor has opened access to everyone, there are still seniors and vulnerable populations that have barriers to access,” Sasine said. “We go into these communities and have had tremendous success. On any given week, we have 10-15 clinics throughout the county.”

It was particularly important to her to partner with schools, she said, so that schools across Atlanta can stay safe and open. But it was a particular joy to come to Woodward, she said.

“I am always stunned at how the campus continues to evolve and change,” she said. “The facilities are so impressive. The faculty and staff were incredibly appreciative.”