Big Renaissance Man on Campus

Big Renaissance Man on Campus

Ethan Faircloth ’22 defies categorization. He’s captain of the War Eagle varsity football team and a super talented computer science student.

Ethan achieved a perfect score on his AP Computer Science exam, and he's led his teammates to a 9-0 record this season so far. He also recently achieved National Merit Commended status.

“Ethan is my first student to ever score a perfect score on the exam. He is one of just over 300 students out of 100,000 to do so,” said Timothy Hipp, chair of the Upper School Computer Science Department. “Ethan is a senior, captain of the football team, Homecoming court candidate, and is currently enrolled in my AP Computer Science A course and Python @ Georgia Tech.”

During his time in the Upper School, Ethan also has been a Peer Leader, a board member for WA Serves, a member of the National Honor Society, member of the Honor Council, and a member of the wrestling team.

Beyond the Gate spoke to Ethan, who entered Woodward as a third grader at the Primary School, about his recent accomplishments and plans for the future.


Congratulations on your perfect AP exam score and National Merit Commended status. How did those make you feel?

I felt rewarded for the amount of effort that I put into the class throughout the year.


What are your favorite academic subjects and why do you like them?

My favorite academic subjects are computer science and physics because they allow you to apply logic to solve real-world problems.


What sports and cocurriculars are you involved in and which do you like best?

I am mainly involved in the football team, and I devote a majority of my time to it.


What do you like best about attending Woodward?

I like the challenging classes and the great teachers.


What colleges are you considering and what do you want to study in college?

I am considering Georgia Tech as a priority because I intend to pursue computer science further.


Any ideas yet on what you want your career path to be?

Right now, I think that I want to work as a software engineer for a company like Google or Apple.


What are your best memories of your time at Woodward?

My best memories are of my time on the football team with my teammates. During my sophomore year, we went to Cartersville in the third round of the playoffs and came through with a big win at the end of the game.


Who are the people who have inspired you and led you to greater understanding of yourself and your aspirations for the future?

Mr. Hipp and Ms. Kayla Mahoney are two teachers who have inspired me to pursue a career in engineering, and both of my parents have kept me motivated and have supported me in every initiative I take on.