Building Sustainability With Aeroponics at Woodward

If you've walked through the Upper School Dining Hall lately, you've likely noticed a futuristic-looking white tower with fresh greens sprouting from it.

As part of our sustainability initiative, we have installed four of these aeroponic towers throughout the Academy (three in the greenhouse and one in the Upper School Dining Hall). These towers, sponsored by the start-up company Copiana, are really part of the future of sustainable gardening and produce -- they use significantly less water than hydroponic towers or traditional gardening methods, they take up very little space, and they much more efficiently deliver nutrients to plant roots.

The tower in the Upper School Dining Hall is utilized by dining services for lunches, catering, and more. The three that are located in the greenhouse are used for service learning. The proceeds from those three towers are donated to Love Beyond Walls on behalf of Woodward Grows and our WA Serves members.

Here is a picture of the towers when they were recently planted after harvesting and a picture of what was recently harvested.

aeroponic towers
aeroponic tower produce