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Camp Tumbling Waters: A Rite of Passage for Sixth Graders

The sixth grade trip to Camp Tumbling Waters is a fall tradition at Woodward Academy. For two nights and three days, all sixth graders from Main Campus and Woodward North travel to North Georgia for an experience to remember. Lower School English teacher Roger Bertossi followed up the trip with a writing assignment. So you can share in the fun, we're sharing a few here on Beyond the Gate.

By Corrie Oliver

My favorite memories of Tumbling Waters are the lake activities and climbing. My favorite memory of climbing was making it to the top! It was amazing. My other favorite memory was canoeing. It was my first time canoeing and it was relaxing. I really enjoyed my stay at Camp Tumbling Waters.

By Abie M.

Camp Tumbling Waters is everything you would think of about camp from beginning to end. The food, the lake, and the cabin were all amazing. The camp offers rocking climbing, an obstacle course, canoeing, and even a huge blob! The best part was rock climbing. It was very challenging, but felt relaxed once I got comfortable with the height. Rock climbing taught me how to trust my group members as they are supporting you on the ground so you don't fall and hurt yourself if you let go of the climbing wall. Camp Tumbling Waters was an amazing trip!

By Charlie W.

The whole 6th grade went on this amazing trip to Tumbling Waters. We did some interesting and spectacular activities! During the couple of days we were there, we got to learn about Native American history, get wet and muddy during Ecology class, learn about and touch snakes, canoeing, create a very complex machine to do a simple task during art class, and line dancing!

One of my favorite parts of camp was art class with Mr. Edmison. This was an interesting class. We did this weird obstacle course that was only set up to do activate one thing. We were put in groups and had a pile of supplies we could us. We had to work as a team to create a complex machine to do a simple task. Mr. Edmison called it a Rube Goldberg machine.

We also did a rope course. I did the rock wall part of the course. It was a wall with little steps protruding out. The goal was to get to the top with the help of your team which was on the ground. The ground support team were all connected to the rope and as I climbed higher and higher, they stepped back to make sure the rope was taut. The rope had to be taut in case I slipped off the wall. If I had slipped they were there to make sure I wouldn't fall to the ground and break a body part. I didn't get very high and my team lowered me gently to the ground. All of the other team members made it to the top and I helped them achieve their goal!

Another fun part of camp was the lake. We had the option of either going canoeing or "blobbing." Blobbing is when someone goes to the far edge of this huge inflatable bag. Another student stands on a high platform and checks to make sure the first student is ready at the edge. Once the student says they are ready, the platform student jumps and the air displacement forces the student on the edge to go really high and land in the lake. The water was cold, but it was so much fun!

The food at Tumbling Waters was surprisingly good. They made grilled chicken, rice, banana pudding, and other delicious meals. We were split into large teams and one team was chosen each meal to stay behind and pick up the cafeteria. Our team picked up the cafeteria really quickly so that we could continue having a great time at Tumbling Waters.


Beyond the Gate Editors

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