Campaign Takes Aim At Idling On Campus

I am an Ambassador Girl Scout in Woodward’s Troop #27506, working on completing my Gold Award project. My project focuses on air pollution, specifically how idling in our vehicles affects the Woodward community and the world.

I was motivated to start this project by my desire to protect the environment and all of the living species within it. Idling affects the environment primarily through the air. Carbon dioxide, as well as particulates, are released into the air during idling.

I noticed that we had a serious issue in the mornings and afternoons at Woodward. There is idling waiting to pick someone up, and idling in the parking lots. Changing idling habits can greatly improve air quality, health, and save money. Idling also negatively affects the car's engine. More than 3.8 million gallons of gas are wasted due to idling in the United States every year. By stopping idling, you will not only save gas but also make a positive step in the right direction for the environment.

The goal of my Girl Scout project is to get the word out about idling because I believe we can make a great difference at Woodward by eliminating unnecessary harmful emissions. I’m starting the conversation about idling because that’s how change begins. Next time—and every time—you are waiting in your car for more than 10 seconds, please turn off your engine!