Carlos Library Sponsoring Black History Month Exhibit

Carlos Library Sponsoring Black History Month Exhibit

In celebration of Black History Month in February of 2018, Woodward's Carlos Library will be sponsoring a traveling exhibit and workshop entitled "Georgia's Great African Americans of Achievement" developed by The Heritage Project.

The Heritage Project designed this exhibit as an experiential learning model to foster a broader awareness of our cultural heritage, to educate students on the use of historical documents in research, and to help prepare students as global citizens in our multicultural society. The Great Georgian's exhibit showcases the historical contributions of eight African Americans who have enriched the history of Georgia, as well as our nation. The people featured are little-known men and women from our state in the fields of politics and government, the military, the arts, sports, education, medicine, and business. For additional background, see the project's web site: The Heritage Project.

The exhibit will be set up in the library for two weeks from Monday, February 12 through Friday, February 23, 2018. During that time, any group on campus will be able to view the exhibit independently. Suggested activities for student engagement will be available for teachers to use as part of the independent viewing.

The physical exhibit includes:

  • Ten free-standing, sepia-toned panels in total, each sized 34" x 83"
  • One panel presents an overview
  • Another panel shows examples of primary source documents
  • Each of the other eight panels feature a profile of one of the historical figures

These photos show reduced-size models of the 34" x 83" panels:

In addition, the exhibit's lead curator will present a lunch-and-learn for students and clubs interested in learning more about the stories and historical research on Thursday, February 15, in the library from 12:00 until 1:10 p.m.